Leaves Tattoos Remind us Transformation of an Average Human life!

Ivy leaves

The green color of a leaf represents several traits such as fertility, growth, beauty, and energy, it also depicts youthfulness, revival and rejuvenation due to the freshness it has.  There was a time when I used to think as why most of the Mother Nature is in green color such as trees, grass, leaves, and vines, even a beautiful landscape comes out to be more prominent due to its soothing mint shade. In Chinese tradition, leaves of cosmic trees are considered all of the human beings of the planet. There was also a time when people believed that a certain race of human would grow on the vines of trees along the leaves. This legend is not well-known by many though, but it’s very ridiculous to believe or even read about these stories which are nothing but a blatant hoax.

Ivy leaves
Ivy leaves tattoo

What do leave tattoos symbolize and what do they convey?

Leaves tattoos convey different messages through their colors and shapes but together as a class or natural element, they have some particular symbols such as:

Nothing can live forever: Seeing beautiful scenery of a beautiful place where green grasses are soaked with dew drops make us believe that beauty is eternal, at least of the gardens or Mother Nature. But there comes a time in every year when even most beautiful leaves begin to change in color, turning orange or red, proving that eternal is nothing.

oak tree tattoo design

Life is only once: Green leaves nourish as long as they are attached with their trees and as long as they have favorable weather conditions to plump and grow.  They live a life just like us but it’s just once. In fall or autumn, they star falling down from the trees and fly here and there carelessly through air. It conveys obviously a message to us that life is once, if you are gone once, you are gone forever. As once a leaf detaches with the vine and falls down, it can never revert to its original form and get where it was before.

dogwood leaf tattoos designs
Dogwood leaves Tattoo

Transformation: human beings, on the average, go through several transformations in his life, first they are born and learn to walk, behave and other disciplines of the society. They go to college or university to study in order to get mature, rational and sensible. They start a life with a family with kids and lead a happy lifestyle. In the last phase, they begin to get older and older day by day and in the end they die after achieving their goals. A life pattern of a leaf is somewhat similar, it grows on a tree, lends beauty to its surroundings, and imparts a good impression on nature as well as on Humans through its beautiful jade color which has a strong contribute in sustaining the artistic essence of landscapes. In the end, it begins to transform (just like human gets old), it falls down, get drier by changing the color, and withers.

hazelbut leaf tattoo
Hazelnut leaves tattoo

Types of leaves tattoos:

There is a wide variety of leaf tattoos.Interestingly, some tattoos are specific to countries while others are created by tattoo fans all around the globe. Let’s start exploring the fascinating tattoos of leaves.

Black Walnut Leaves Tattoo

black walnut leave tattoo designs

black walnut leaf tattooOak Leaves Tattoos

oak leaf tattoo designs

oak leaf tattoo design

Aspen Leaves Tattoos

Aspen leaves tattoos

Redbud leaves tattoos

redbud leaf tattoos

Dogwood leaves tattoos

Dogwood leaf tattoo dogwood leaves

Hazelnut leaves tattoo

hazelnut leaf tattoo design

tattoos of hazelnit leaf

Coffee tree leaves tattoos

tatoo of coffee leaves

Tattoo of coffee leaves

White oak leaves tattoos

white oak leaf tattoo

White oak leaveIvy Leaves Tattoos

Ivy leaves tattoos

Ivy tattoo designs

Autumn Leaves Tattoo

autumn leaves tattoos

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