Let’s check Symbolism and ideas of Crown tattoos

diamond and crown tattoos

Crown tattoo designs are quite popular among men and women. For many centuries, it has remained a symbol of authority and royalty. There are many great ways to design crown tattoos. Tattoo artist use hearts, stones, diamonds, birds, jewels, etc along with a crown. In modern era, a crown has been used to show a king.

Crown and tattoo designs small crown tattoo on wrist

neck crown tattoos
Crown tattoo on neck

Crown of Thorns

In Christianity, you often come to know about “Crown of Thorns” that was not actually a crown. It was worn by Jesus while he was crucified. In religious art and paintings, Jesus appears along with crown and cross. Another common thing of religious art is a crown full of stars as it is used to symbolize halo. A tattoo which is inspired from religious art normally has a crown and cross, crown as a symbol of Christianity while cross is a symbol of victory.

crown tattoo design ideas crown tattoo on finger small crown tattoo designs

Queen of Heaven

In Roman Catholic art, you usually see Virgin Mary with a crown. To the Roman Catholic, she was described as “Queen of Heaven”. In such case, crown are normally associated with Jesus and Christianity. Crown tattoos are not only associated with Christianity but some other religions also use crown in their art.

royal crown tattoos royal style crown tattoos crown tattoo ideas

LEO tattoo design

Crown and lion tattoos are normally used to show Zodiac Sign of Leo. Lion is considered as a king of the jungle and crown is a symbol for king. Many people choose lion and crown as their zodiac sign is Leo while other people pick this design as it is quite unique.

crown lion tattoos
Crown and lion tattoos

Crown Tattoo Design Variation

You are able to find a lot of variations in crown tattoo design. Crown often comes with jewels, crystals, diamonds, etc. Skull and diamond is one of the coolest crown tattoos. Normally, girls prefer to go with a small crown tattoo on their finger or hands as this kind of tattoo look very cute. Tattoo artist usually ask his customer to combine crown with other symbols or elements. For example, you can combine crown with your name or wings.

Quick Meanings of Crown Tattoos

Crown tattoo design symbolizes:

  • Leadership
  • Authority
  • Power
  • Good Luck
  • Immortality
  • Legitimacy
  • Justice
  • Divine Inspiration
  • Christianity
  • Jesus
  • Ownership
  • Control
  • Importance
  • Self-Control

Common meaning of Crown tattoos

It is good to know that normally people associate crown with authority, power and leadership. Some people get crown tattoo because they want to show that they have full control over their life and every action they take in their lives. It also demonstrates self control over feelings and thoughts of a person. Some people get this tattoo just to remind them they need to use authority wisely and in a right way.

Good luck and Crown tattoo design

You often see that many gambling games have crown symbol. Actually, crown often symbolizes good luck in many cases. Gamblers get crown tattoo as they want to win every game they play. When you see skull with crown tattoo then it also shows “good luck”. Tattoo artist normally enhance beauty of crown tattoo by adding skull, poker table, poker chips, playing cars, rolling dice, etc.

crown skull tattoo meanings
Crown with skull tattoos

Crown tattoos for Women

A woman usually gets crown tattoo as she considers herself a Princess. She likes to feel like princess, so she opts for crown tattoo. Normally pink ink is used to create this tattoo. Women try to get a crown tattoo that has sparkle, diamonds, or hearts.

crown on bird tattoo

rose and crown tattoo designs
crown and rose tattoo

blue crown tattoos

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