Let’s Start Exploring 19 Striking Tattoos of Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson It is what it is Tattoo design

Guys who are dedicated fans of Louis Tomlinson, song writer and singer of British pop music band “One Direction”, often feel curiosity about not only his songs but also his tattoos. Although tattoos of Harry Styles and Zayn Malik remained in spotlight yet Louis Tomlinson tattoos got attention of his fans, either. Let’s start checking startling tattoos of Louis Tomlinson.

louis tomlinson tattoos

1. “Screw”

You can find a plus sign or screw tattoo on left inner ankle of Tomlinson. He got this simple and small tattoo on 12 October, 2012.

louis tomlinson plus sign tattoo

2. Stick figure on skateboard

This is indeed a very unique tattoo of Louis Tomlinson. He got ink of this tattoo o right inner forearm just after 4 days of screen tattoo i.e. 16 October, 2012.

louis tomlinson stick figure tattoo

3. Quotation marks

He got “ ” quotation marks tattoo on right inner wrist on 20 October, 2012 ;but it could be the best tattoo if he added his quotation inside these marks.

louis tomlinson quotation marks tattoo design

4. Far Away

Louis inscribed his right bicep with “Far Away” ink on 20 October, 2012. Some fans say that Tom might feel isolated sometimes, so he got this tattoo. However, tom didn’t open his mouth for explaining the exact meaning of this tattoo.

louis tomlinson fary away tattoo design

5. OOPS!

We don’t know which mistake pushed cute Louis to get “OOPS!” tattoo ink on right inner forearm on 8 November, 2012.

louis tomlinson cup of tea tattoo
6. A flock of birds

It seems that members of One Direction love to fly on sky as they all like to get bird tattoos on their body. Zayn Malik has an outline of bird tattoo and Louis Tomlinson also comes with a flock of birds tattoo on right wrist. Tom got ink of this tattoo design on 26 January, 2013.

flock of bird tattoo of louis tomlinson
7. It is what it is

It seems that Louis doesn’t like to give explanation as he got a tattoo “It is what it is” on his chest on 25 March, 2013.

Louis Tomlinson It is what it is Tattoo design
8. The Rogue

You are able to see words “The” and “Rogue” on left and right ankles respectively. It is one of the unique tattoos of Louis Tomlinson, which he got on 25 March, 2013.

The rogue tattoo of louis tomlinson

9. A stag and a heart

You can find a stag and a heart tattoo on right arm of Tom. He got ink of this tattoo design on 3 May, 2013.

louis tomlinson moose and heart tattoo design
10. A rope

Fans like to see a “rope” tattoo of Tom; you can find it on his right wrist. He told to fans that he got this tattoo on his wrist on 26 June, 2013.

Louis Tomlinson arm rope tattoo design
11. A pointing finger

Although it’s not really clear as compared to other tattoos, yet “pointing finger” seems to be a different kind of tattoo. You can find this tattoo design on his right forearm, he inked it on 10 October, 2013.

12. Pacman

We all played Pacman once in our lives. It seems that Tom also loved this game as he has a “Pacman” tattoo on his right forearm. He got ink of this tattoo on 10 October, 2013.

louis tomlinson pointing finger ta

12. Camera

Louis got many tiny tats on the inside of Louis’ right forearm and you can also check a small camera tat on left side of stick figure.

camera tattoo design of louis tomlinson

13. Bomb

Louis may like to blast the stage with his wonderful performance. He has a bomb with a lit fuse on his right forearm.

Louis Tomlinson small bomb tattoo

14. Compass

Compass tattoo designs are usually inked on the body just to find right direction. Compass tattoo of Louis Tomlinson might have the same meaning. You can find a big compass with an arrow pointing to home on his right arm.

lit match tattoo of louis tomlinson

15.Paper Airplane

Louis likes to draw and he is quite creative. You can find a small paper airplane on Louis’ right arm.

louis tomlinson paper airplane tattoo

16.Steaming cup of Tea

You can find a steaming cup of tea tattoo. You can see this tattoo of Louis Tomlinson on his right forearm above Oops! Tat.

louis tomlinson cup of tea tattoo

17. Horseshoe

It seems that Louis like small pieces of art as he adored his right forearm with many tiny tattoos and you can find a horseshoe tattoo among them.

horseshoe tattoo design of Louis Tomlinson

18. Lit match stick

One of the cutest tattoos of louis Tomlinson is lit match stick that you can find on his right arm.

lit match tattoo of louis tomlinson

19. Swift Bird

You are able to see a big swift bird tattoo on his right arm. This bird is a symbol of health, loyalty and wealth.

louis tomlinson big swift bird tattoo


Though Louis Tomlinson has fewer tattoos as compared to Harry and Zayn yet his tattoos are quite famous among his female fans. Some male fans got “Rope” “stag” and “Flock of bird” tattoos of Louis Tomlinson.

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