Little Boys can Rock the World with Shaggy Hairstyles

long shaggy hairstyle

Life of a little boy is always full of fun, so it is advisable to choose a hairstyle that matches with his personality. Shaggy haircut is indeed a good option for your little guy. This hairstyle adds style into his personality and it’s quite easy to maintain and wear. He doesn’t need to do much effort for getting a classy look before going out with his buddies. He can get ready for formal party in a fifteen minutes, he just need to blow dry his hair after washing with a shampoo and conditioner.

long shaggy haircut

Types of Shag hair cut for boys

Trend of shaggy hairstyle was started in 1970s, since then we say different variations and varieties of this haircut. Good thing about this hairstyle is that it fits to all hair length. Basically, you can see three types of shaggy cut.

shaggy and choppy hairstyle

1. Short shaggy hairstyles

This haircut is quite suitable for boys who have small hair. In this haircut, razor is used to create several short layers. This haircut enhances hair volume and add utmost cuteness factor into wearer’s personality. This style is exactly alike with other types of shag yet it is lesser uniform than others due to small hair length.

little boy shaggy haircut

2. Medium shaggy haircut

Boys who like not-too-long and not-too-short kind of style should give a try to medium shaggy hairstyle. When your sweet little boy has shoulder length hair then you should opt for this option. Main difference between short and medium shag is not only the length but also number of layers. You find lesser layers in medium shaggy cut than short shag.

messy shaggy hairstyle

3. Long Shaggy hairstyles

When your boy doesn’t like to compromise on his hair length then you need to try long shaggy hairstyle. Length of hair fall below shoulder and no doubt this hairstyle gives classy and chic look to your little boy.

long shaggy hairstyle

Shaggy hairstyles styling option

A boy who wears shaggy haircut can style his haircut in two different ways. One is windswept and second is messy shag. He can sweep front shaggy strands on one side for getting windswept trendy look. If he is going to attend a friend’s party then he can get messy shaggy look and this look wants him to just swing his hair strands with his hands.

shaggy curly hairstyle for little boystrendy ad cute shaggy cut

It’s time to ask from your little boy whether he is ready to adopt a trendy shaggy haircut or not. Go and ask now..


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