Little Girl Fishtail Ponytail: Step-by-Step Guide

Mothers always search for the best hairstyles for their little girl. They always want to style hair of their little girls in a chic and trendy way. These days, fishtail ponytail is high in demand. This tail looks very sleek and stylish. If you want to learn how to make a fishtail ponytail for your little girl then you can check step-by-step guide of this hairstyle. Before you check the guide, you need to know how to prepare your little girl hair.

Prepare Hair before hairstyling

If you are doing practice then there is no need to prepare your little sweetie hair. However, if you are going to try this ponytail for a special event then it is good to first prepare her hair. There are 4 important things that you need to do.

  1. Always use Shampoo and conditioner.
  2. Blow dry her hair.
  3. Apply light hair spray, or hair cream and then comb her hair to remove all tangles.
  4. Pick her hair and then catch it in a sleek ponytail.

Step-by-Step guide for Little Girl Fishtail ponytail


You have to follow 9 simple steps for making a perfect fishtail ponytail hairstyle.

Step No.1

Catch her hair in an elastic ponytail and divide this ponytail in two equal parts.

Step No.2

You will get left and right hair sections. Now pick a thin strand of hair from your left hair section.

Step No.3

Cross thin hair section over your left hair section.

Step No.4

Now add this thin hair section into your right hand section of hair.

Step No.5

Now pick a thin hair section from right hand section of hair.

Step No.6

Make a cross of thin hair section that you get from your left and right hand sides.

Step No.7

Add right thin hair section into left hand hair section.

Step No.8

Now you need to take another hair strand from left section, cross it over your left hair section and then add it into your right hand hair section. Take a thin hair section from your right hand section of hair, cross it over your right hair section and add it into your left hand hair section.

Step No.9

Repeat step no.2-7 till no hair leaves behind. You need to secure your little girl fishtail ponytail with an elastic band. You can also accessorize your ponytail with colorful hair bands or bows.

Hurrah!! you are done with very amazing,simple and trendy little girl fishtail braid hairstyle for your little gir.



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