Long Hairstyles For Men: Sexy But Risky

fashionable long hairstyles for men

If you are among those guys who are daring then you should try one of the popular long hairstyles for men.

fashionable long hairstyles for men
Chic long hairstyle for men

Big Change, Big Hair

When a woman needs a change in her life, she will head to the hairdresser to chop off her mane; when a man gets the same notion, he may chose to do just the opposite – and grow his hear out. Congratulations on your bravery!, however it may be wise to reflect on some things first, before actually going for it.

men extra long hairstyles
Extra long hairstyles for men

If you’re a man thinking about making a drastic change in your appearance by choosing a longer hairstyle – beware!

men long hairstyles
long fashionable hairstyle for men

Men’s long hair has long been associated with some risky lifestyles you may not want to be associated with. For many, the notion of “hippie hair” does not bring positive connotations; quite the opposite. Today, there are skaters and surfers: their hair is worn long and messy as a part of their signature style.

long hairstyles for men
man long hairstyle

Men’s long hairstyles will always be associated with a certain spirit and attitude. Ask yourself: is this something I would want to stand for?

Reinvent Your Look, Starting With Your Hair

Long hairstyles for men can increasingly be seen in modern media. A prime example of this is the ever-present emo hairstyle, characterized by long bangs swept to he side and razored ends.

men emo hairstyles
Emo Hairstyles for men

Long hairstyles for men are undoubtedly also seen as sexy, especially by some women – but only when the hair is clean and well groomed. We cannot stress this enough: guys, keep your hair dandruff-free and learn to use the hair conditioner!

men emo hairstyles
Stylish Emo hairstyle for men

What type of hairstyle you will chose, if you decide to go for a long one, depends on your facial structure and quality of the hair itself. This season, there are many styles to choose from – just stay away from the mullet, that hairstyle suites no one and is best left where it belongs: in the 80’s.

men old 80s long hairstyles
80s Long hairstyles for men
men long curly hairstyles
half curly long hairstyles for men

So are you ready to go for a big change????????????




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