Look at Sparkling Rhinestone Eye Makeup

purple rhinestone eye makeup

Get bored from matte and light eye makeup? It’s time to try something unique and astonishing that comes in the form of rhinestone eye makeup. This makeup looks very amazing and indeed eye-catching. You don’t need to do much effort for getting a dazzling look. Your task is to apply a dark shade and then fix rhinestone of small or large size on your upper and lower lid with skin glue. SS12 size is usually good for getting a sparkling eye makeup. However, if you want to get a bold look then you can go for SS20 size rhinestones.

jeweled eye makeup

Emerald Green Shade with Blue Rhinestone

Normally, when you need to apply rhinestone eye makeup then you should choose a dark shade for the base. If you want to get the same look as shown in the image, you need to apply two coat of emerald green matte shade and then to fix bluish rhinestone over it.

emerald rhinestone eye makeup

Golden Glittery Shades with blue Rhinestone

If you are going to wear gold dress at your special party then this jeweled eye makeup would be perfectly matched with your outfit. Your task is to apply glittery gold shade on upper eye lids and then to adore your eyes with blue rhinestones.

gold and blue rhinestone eye makeup

Lavender Shades with Emerald and purple Rhinestones

If you don’t want to apply dark shade then it is good to try lavender eye-shade. You don’t need to apply it completely on upper eye-lid instead you need to fill a little portion with it. Actually, rest of area would be covered with emerald green and purple shade rhinestones.

purple rhinestone eye makeup

Orange Eye-shades with Sky blue rhinestone

Combination of dark orange shade with sky blue rhinestone really looks magical. As you can see in the image, you first need to apply dark orange shade smoothly on eyes and then to decorate your eyes with rhinestone. There are four layers of rhinestones; two lower layers have SS20 size stone while two upper layers have SS12 size rhinestone.

orange shade and blue rhinestone eye makeup

Silver Rhinestone Eye Makeup

Going for special night party at pub? I think you can try this amazing silver glittery rhinestone eye makeup. You need to use a light silver shade on upper lid. Once you have done with eye-shades, your task is to start fixing very small size rhinestone on upper and lower lids of eyes.

silver rhinestone eye makeup

Peach Shade with Silver Rhinestones

I really like this jeweled eye makeup and for getting this perfect look, you really need to spend your half hour. First you need to divide your upper lids into three parts. Lower part must have light peach shade, medium part can be filled with dark brown and top part of eye-lid should have smooth golden shades. Once you done with shade application, you need to apply thick coat of eye liner on upper and lower lids. Go for thick coat of eye-mascara and then give this makeup a final touch by fixing silver rhinestone only on lower part of upper eye-lid.

peach gold rhinestone eye makeup

Green Black Rhinestone Eye Makeup

It is indeed one of the fascinating eye makeup one can try. You need to divide upper eye-lid into two portion. Apply dark green matte shade on lower portion and black-green shade on upper portion. Apply green mascara on upper and lower eye lashes. Use emerald green rhinestone for decorating your eye lashes and eye shades. Apply thick coat of green shades on eye-brows and fix tiny rhinestone and stars with skin glue.

green rhinestone eye makeup

Ocean Blue and Black Rhinestone Eye Makeup

Want to look stunning and beautiful at a time? It would be possible when you give a try to this amazing magical ocean blue rhinestone eye makeup. Your task is to first apply thick coat of ocean blue shades on upper eye lid. Apply black shade on lower eye lid. Now start fixing tiny stars and rhinestones on your lids.

blue rhinestone eye makeup

Plum Purple Shade with Black Rhinestone

If you are going to wear purple outfit, it would be right time to pick this special rhinestone makeup for eyes. Your task is to apply plum purple shade on upper and lower eye-lids. After applying eye liner and mascara then you need to adore this eye makeup with black rhinestones.

purple rhinestone eye makeup

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