How to Make a Braid and bun hairstyle for Little Girl? Tutorial with Pictures

how to braid braided updo for little girls

Moms often get confused about the hairstyling of their little girl especially when their little sweetheart has to attend a very special party. So, I decided to end this confusion. If you want to add some charm into your little girl’s hair then you know how to make a braid and bun hairstyle. This hairstyle is very simple and easy and it will hardly take your 15-20 minutes. There is no complexity involve in it and you don’t need to be a professional hair expert for making it. Every mother can try it on her little sweetie. Let’s take a look a look at front and back of this braided updo hairstyle for little girls first and then I will take you toward step-by-step tutorial and picture of this hairstyle.

how to braid braided updo for little girls

Time Required for Hairstyling: 20 minutes

Things required for a braid and bun hairstyle:

You only need a few things such as:

  • Hair bows
  • Bobby pins
  • Comb
  • Hair spray
  • elastic ponytail
  • hair clip

kids braided updo step by step tutorial

How to make a Braid and Bun Hairstyle for a Little Girl?

You can make this fabulous hairstyle by following 8 easy steps.

Step No.1 Prepare hair

It is very important part. You first need to shampoo her hair and then to apply a conditioner. Let her hair dry in the air; though you can also use hair dryer. Now comb her hair and get rid of all tangles. No knot should be there.

Step No.2 Hair Sectioning

Now use a hair comb and divide her hair into two equal parts. One down part and one up part. Check image for quick reference. You have to make the braid of front section of hair. So, it is good to keep down section of hair intact. Use a hair clip and catch the hair.

Step No 3 Pick Front section

You have to pick some hair from the front section of the hair and then to divide this section into three parts.

Step No.4 Make a Three Strand Braid

Start making simple braid. Try to make a very sleek and neat braid because it will work as the lace of your front hair.

Step No.5 Secure braid

Once you have made a simple three strand braid then you need to use an elastic ponytail for securing this braid.

Step No.6 Make Hair Buns

Now it is right time to make hair bun of your down section of hair. Divide this section into two parts.

Step No.7 Give Buns a final look

Pick first part of hair and twist it and then wrap it in a circle. Now secure this cute little side bun with a bobby pin. You have to make another twist hair bun on another side.

Step No.8 Final Touch of Braid and Updo hairstyle

Now it’s time for the final touch of your little girl hairstyle. You need to fix the front hair braid behind the ear in such a way that this hairstyle doesn’t look like a mess. Make twisted hair bun of both side in a way that every twist and wrap look very clear. You can use hair accessories of your choice. Flower hair bows look perfect but you can surely try some hair clips.

I’m sure these steps have taught you how to make a braid and bun hairstyle for your little girl.You can try this hairstyle anytime but it will look amazing at special party. Don’t forget to accessorize this kind of hairstyle just to enhance beauty and innocence of your sweetie.

Go and do a little practice now.


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