How to Make Kim Kardashian Donut Hair bun at home?

donut hair bun guide step by step

Many times you see that celebrities appear with sleek and stylish hair updo that is similar to a donut. This hairstyle is known as donut hair updo or bun.The name and fame of it is increasing with the passage of time because it is a perfect formal hairstyle that girl would love to try. It is one of the popular Kim Kardashian hairstyles. Actually, this hairstyle offers clean and chic look to the wearer. In addition, it is very easy-to-carry it. This hairstyle is perfect for prom party, homecoming, wedding and other special occasion. It offers you a perfect “celebrity-like” look. Good thing about this hair updo is that you don’t need to spend hours for getting it. You are able to make this hairstyle within 30 kardashian sock hair updo

Prepare your hair for styling

It is indeed the most important thing that you need to do before trying donut hair updo. Here is what you need to do

  • Properly shampoo your hair
  • Apply smooth conditioner and wash your hair
  • Blow dry or air-dry hair
  • Comb hair in such a way that no tangle or knot leave behind
  • Apply a little amount of styling cream and comb hair again

What you must have?

  • Elastic ponytail
  • Hair donut hair bun spong (available in wide variety of size, shape and color)
  • Bobby pins

How to Make Kim Kardashion Type Donut hair bun?

Interestingly, you don’t need to go through complex steps for getting this specific hair updo. There is only a need to follow six easy steps. Check complete image guide below.

donut hair bun guide step by step

Step No.1 Make a high ponytail

You need to gather all your hair and then to make a high ponytail. Secure this ponytail with elastic ponytail.

Step No.2 Use Donut bun sponge

Use a big donut styling hair bun spongy and secure your high ponytail in it.

Step No.3 Make a Donut

Your task is to wrap your ponytail hair around the donut bun sponge as shown in the image no.3. You need to make a cute big donut of your hair. Wrap the hair around in a way that you get excellent donut hair bun finish. Use bobby pins for fixing all those hair strands that you wrapped.

Step No.4 Handle Remaining hair strand

Once you circle your ponytail hair around the cotton head band then next step is to handle your left and right side hair strands that left behind by this donut bun.

Step No.5 Start Simple braiding

You need to make simple three-strand braid with left and right side hair strands. Don’t

Step No.6 Circle the braid around donut

It is the final step. You need to circle around left and right simple braids around the donut. Don’t forget to use hair spray at the end.

Hurrah! You have made startling Kim Kardashian style donut hair bun.


Things to note:

  1. This hairstyle is suitable for girls with medium and long straight hair.
  2. In case you don’t have straight hair but still want to get amazing donut hair updo  then I suggest you to use hair straighter. You would be unable to make this updo with your curly or wavy hair. You must have to get sleek and straight hair before styling.
  3. When you are going to follow step no.3 keep in mind that you need to wrap hair in such a way that a big round hole is there.


Don’t forget to check 11 Famous Celebrities with Donut hair bun

Here are famous celebrities who wore donut hair updo and make this hairstyle very popular all over the globe.

1.Top of the list is Kim Kardashin’s sleek sock hair bun

kim kardashian hair bun

2. Check Sleek hair bun of cute Reese Witherspoon

reese witherspoon donut bun

3. Jennifer Aniston looks beautiful with this high bun

jennifer aniston donut hair style

4.Lauren Conrad rock with Trendy Ring hair bun

lauren conrad cute donut hair bun

5. Katy Perry looks stunning with her blue donut hair updo

katy perry blue donut hair updo

6. Kate Bosworth has a startling ash green donut bun

kate bosworth sock hair bun

7. Tulisa’s gorgeous black the sock hair bun

tulisa x-factor singer donut updo

8. Gwen Stefan has blonde messy donut hair bun

gwen stefani donut hair updo

9. Jennifer Lopez touches the heart with brown donut hair updo

jennifer lopez brown donut bun

10. Amy Childs red big donut is superb

amy childs big sock bun

 11. Eva Longoria has well-finished Donut updo

Eva longoria donut hair bun

Must try this formal hair bun at home and let me know if any question is knocking at your mind’s door.

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