How to Make a Sleek Side French Braid hairstyle?

sleek braided hairstyle

Are you looking for some sleek and stylish hairstyles for evening friend party? If yes,then you have landed at a right place.I’m going to provide you a quick guide that will make it simple for you to get an elegant looking hairstyle for a special night party. Before I proceed, I suggest you to first have a glimpse on this hairstyle.

sleek braided hairstyle

I’m sure you would love this hairstyle. Though this hairstyle is looking very tricky yet it is very simple and easy to make in reality.

Guide to Make a Side French Braid hairstyle

Here are four simple steps that you need to follow for making this hairstyle.

Step No.1 Prepare your hair

Wash your hair and then apply conditioner of your choice. Once you done, you need to blow-dry your hair. You have to apply a shiny hair serum completely on hair and then to properly comb it.

Step No.2  Begin with Styling

We all know how to make a simple braid.So, french braid is an advanced version of it. You need to keep all your hair on left shoulder and then divide hair into two main portions: One thick and One Thin.

Step No.3 Take Thin Portion First  and then move to Thick

Now Start making a simple braid from thin portion of hair.Take one strand of hair from thick portion when you are going to end first twist of simple braid. In case you have some confusion in mind then it is advisable to check french braid tutorial. In a matter of seconds, you would get an idea how to insert one strand from thick portion into thin portion braid.

Step No.4 Final Touch

You need to continue inserting thick strands into thin until no hair strand left. Once no strand left for inserting, you start making a simple braid. At the end, you need to close this braid through a simple ribbon or pony.


Important Tips

  • You should properly comb your hair before you begin with styling.
  • Never comb your hair after you have done with this hairstyle.
  • Try to prepare hair with a glossy hair serum just to get a perfect shiny look.
  • If you are going to attend a marriage ceremony, you can insert little white flower into your braid with the mean of bobby pins
  • Try to keep your makeup light and simple when you are going to wear this trendy side french braid hairstyle hairstyle.


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