Make a Statement with Chic Wavy Hairstyles

Princess women hairstyle

When it comes to hairstyling options, then women have a wide variety to choose from. These days, wavy hairstyles are in trend. Almost every second Hollywood celebrity wears either formal or casual waves. Reason behind choosing this hairstyle is that it suits to every face-shape. Moreover, your hair volume looks thick when you opt for this hairstyle. Though you can find many variations of this wavy hairstyle, I would like to provide you Five variations that are common and can be regarded hot nowadays.

elegany wavy hairstyle for women

1.Formal Wavy Locks

Whenever you are going to attend a formal party, you simply need to pick this hairstyle. Below you can see two different wavy locks hairstyle. First hairstyle is perfect for those ladies who give a preference to purple shades, hair accessories and outfit. These locks are somehow difficult to make at home.So,it is advisable to visit the nearest hair expert to have a perfect formal waves around your hair. Second hairstyle In this picture, girl has used purple net head-bands that are widely available in the market.comprises of thick locks that have round-shape. These wavy hairstyle is usually being created with the help of gel and hair serum.

wavy hairstyle with thick locks

wavy interlock hairstyles

2. Casual Loose Wavy Hairstyles

I think this variation of women wavy hairstyle is perfect for casual parties. You can get some loose and easy to hand wavy curls around your face. Girls with pear and diamond shape face usually give a try this particular hairstyle. Curly waves frame enhance their face beauty to a great extent. One thing that makes this hairstyle more appealing for ladies is that it doesn’t require hair serum or gel for maintenance. You can use your finger as a comb to brush through your loose waves.women loose wavy curl hairstyle sleek shiny  loose wavy curls

3.Princess Style Waves

Normally, women pick this hairstyle for their big day but it doesn’t mean that this hairstyle is specific for wedding day only. You can wear it on a special night or valentine’s day party. This wavy hairstyle is somehow different from other hairstyle as it wants perfect and equal waves for getting a remarkable princess look. Although you can make this style at home yet there is a possibility that you might not get desirable results. Pay a little, get the eye-catching princess wavy hairstyle.

Princess women hairstyle

Princess wavy hairstyles4. Wavy Curls Extension for Short hair

In order to get wavy hairstyle, women must have long hair. However, I’m not saying that girls with short hair can’t get waves. They can also wear wavy hairstyle but they need to rely on wavy curly extensions. Setting of these extensions is very simple and quick.If you want to get ready quickly then you can buy thick wavy curly hair extension that matches with your hair color, type and shade.

wavy curl extensions

Women sleek wavy hairstyle5.Half updo and Half Wavy hairstyles

Girls like to wear half updo with thick waves of rest portion of their hair. This hairstyle definitely boosts up overall appearance of a girl and she looks elegant and charming than before. This hairstyle is perfect for friend parties where you always want to get a girly look.

women wavy hairstyle with updo half updo and wavy curls

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