Marilyn Manson without Makeup is unfamiliar

no makeup look of marilyn manson

We always see Marilyn Manson with makeup. He always comes with very dark eyes and lip makeup. However, when you check Marilyn Manson without makeup pictures then it would be hard for you recognize him. He looks very decent and charming without makeup.

Marilyn Manson without makeup
Marilyn Manson without makeup

Brian Hugh Warner popularly known as Marilyn Manson is an American musician, songwriter, actor, painter, multimedia artist, etc. He is famous not only due to his music but also because of his makeup. Her makeup style is very different and unique. He always likes to go with very dark eyes. He applies many coat of black eyeliner. Sometimes his eyes are very dark that it seems gothic. When you make a comparison of Marilyn Manson without makeup and with makeup pictures then you would never believe that these pictures are of same person. Reason is that he does makeup in a way that her natural looks get changed a lot.

no makeup look of marilyn manson marilyn manson with and without makeup

Dark eye makeup is not the most noticeable feature of his makeup, another thing is her dark lipstick. He chose very dark color lipstick such as black, purple, red, maroon, or brown. Sometimes, he also likes to change the color of eyes. He doesn’t mind going for Halloween style makeup that features gothic eyes, yellow or white lenses and dark lips.

marilyn manson no makeup

Marilyn Manson without makeup pictures makes it very clear that he is a handsome man. His face is very clear. Her eyes are attractive. Overall, he has a nice personality.

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