25 Ideas and Meanings of Animal Bird Wrist Tattoos

owl tattoo design

Animal and bird tattoos always carry some symbolic meanings with them. Some people like to get animal tattoos because they have pet at home. However, other people pick an animal or bird tattoo based on its special characteristics or features. It is a fact that cultural symbolism is also associated with animal bird tattoos but normally picks these tattoos because of their general messages. You can create tattoo at any part of your body but wrist is indeed the best place. Little animal or bird printed or inked tattoo looks very cute at this place and you can easily hide them through your shirt sleeve, whenever you like. Today, I would like to share 25 exciting ideas and interesting meanings of animal bird wrist tattoos  for you.

1.Cat Tattoos

Negative meaning is always attached with black cat. You often see black cat in horror movies as “Omen”.

black cat wrist tattoo

2.Tiger Tattoo

Guys usually like to wear Tiger tattoo on wrist as they think this tattoo demonstrate courage, power, wisdom and authority. Confident people normally go for this kind of animal tattoo.

tiger wrist tattoo

3.Penguin Tattoos

Kids love to get penguin tattoo as it is a symbol of love and affection. Friendly nature of penguin attracts others toward you.

penguin tattoo for wrist

4.Dove tattoos

Dove tattoos are often worn by people who want peace in their life. Some other messages that are associated with this bird are hope, love, freedom, promise and maternity.

wrist dove tattoo

5.Eagle tattoo

Guys who love their country normally give preference to eagle tattoo as it carry patriotism message with it. In spiritual world, this tattoo has different meanings such as spiritual protection, opportunity, authority, power, vision and leadership.

eagle tattoo for wrist

6.Hummingbirds Tattoo

This tattoo is quite famous among female. When girls are missing joy in life they usually create this tattoo on their wrist as it represent vitality, healing, infinity, playfulness, agility, etc. Some girls get it because they think it demonstrates affection meaning to others.

hummingbird tattoo for wrist

7.Snake wrist tattoos

There are different types and shapes of snake tattoos design. General meaning associated with snake tattoo is duality and search for balance. However, specific snakes have specific meanings. For example, cobra is a symbol of danger. Snake tattoo also represent cycles, patience, awareness, intellect, healing,transformation and protection.

wrist snake tattoo design

8.Frog tattoos

Normally, parents like to create a frog tattoo on their kids’ wrist as it carry meanings of  fertility, luck, purity, rebirth, renewal, healing, metamorphosis, and opportunity. Green frog is a perfect symbol of good luck in some regions.

frog wrist tattoo design

9.Turtles wrist tattoo

If you remember a story “Haste Makes Waste” then you are able to understand meaning of turtle tattoo.It tells you that you are able to win the race slow and steadily. You need to be patient for getting you success. Stability and steady are two main meanings related to turtle tattoos.

turtle wrist tattoo

10.Butterflies Tattoos

These tattoos are surely designed for females as they represent beauty, feminism and transformation. Change and transition are two symbolic meanings of butterfly tattoo.

butterfly tattoo on wrist

11.Spider Wrist Tattoo

Both negative and positive meanings are attached with spider tattoos. Generally, these tattoo carry a message of rebirth, death and fate.

spider tatttoo design

12.Dragonflies Tattoos

These tattoos look very cute and graceful on wrist. This insect carry positive messages such as  prosperity, peace, good luck, purity, and harmony. When you are going through a gloomy phase of life, you should create dragonflies tattoo on wrist.

dragonflies tattoo for wrist

13.Horses Tattoo

Horse is regarded best companion. One who create a horse tattoo on wrist is going to show a message of power, grace, strength, freedom, and nobility.

horse tattoo design

14.Panda wrist Tattoos

Kids love panda due to their cuteness and peaceful nature. A panda tattoo demonstrates peace and tranquility of life.

cute panda wrist tattoo

15.Dog Tattoo meanings

Dogs are the best and loyal friends of human beings. A dog tattoo on wrist is a symbol of love, affection, security,trust, safety and loyalty.

dog tattoo design and meaning

16.Monkey Tattoo

If you get money tattoo inspiration from monkey of Jack Sparrow in Pirates of Caribbean then you must have an idea of its meanings. A monkey tattoo comes with symbol of witt, intelligence, protection,jutice, spirituality, harmony, and salvation.

monkey tatoo designs

17.Wolf Tattoos

Boys usually like to get black wolf tattoo on their back and wrist. Some meanings of these tattoos are compassion, intelligence, predatory power,luck, fertility, family, and strength.

wolf tattoo for wrist

18.Bull Tattoos

People who are passionate and ready to face world’ problem usually go for bull tattoo on wrist. This tattoo is symbol for death, provision, harmony,power, strength, sexual prowess and virility.

bull tattoo design

19.Sparrow Tattoo

Lovers usually like to get sparrow tattoo on their wrist. Actually, this tattoo is a symbol for undying love, affection, freedom and commitment to a single person.

sparrow wrist tattoo

20. Elephant Tattoo

This tattoo demonstrates meanings of commitment, strength, astuteness.

wrist elepant tattoo

21. Black Lizard Tattoo

You often see black lizard in horror movies. In real word, a tattoo of lizard show meanings of foresight, ancient secret and dreaming.

black lizard wrist tattoo

22. Owl Tattoo

People who work at night usually go for this kind of tattoo. Meanings associated with this tattoo are deception, wisdom, magic and clairvoyance.

owl tattoo for wrist23.Honey Bee Tattoo

People who love to live in community and society, normally go for bee tattoo. It is one of the best animal bird wrist tattoos. Meanings associated with this tattoo are love, service, divine messenger,gathering and community.

bee wrist tattoo24.Goat Tattoo

The people who are planning to hit their goals often go for goat tattoos. These tattoo give different messages such as stay safe, move toward goal,diligence, endue criticism, etc.

goat tattoo on wrist

25. Donkey Tattoo

When you want to get something amazing in life then you need to create donkey tattoo, which is a symbol for luck, fertility,well-being, health and efficiency.

donkey wrist tattoo

I’m sure you have grabbed complete ideas and meanings of Animal Bird wrist tattoos.It’s time to pick one tattoo that matches with your personality and message.



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