Men and Women Full back tattoos: Tribal,Asian,Angel

women tribal tattoo desgin for full back

Looking for a help in full back tattoo design? If your answer is yes you have come to the right place. Full back tattoos are harder to choose then the rest of the tattoos we have numbered so far. The reason is simple, they take up much space of your body, your whole backside, which by the way is the largest area that can get inked.
Full back tattoos and their varieties
The full back tattoos are worn by both men and women, and like the other tattoos designs they can vary. There are tattoo designs that can are influenced greatly by religion, culture etc.

polynesian tribal tattoo designs for men
Most famous full back tattoos
As we have noted above the fullback tattoos comes in all shapes and sizes. There are some tattoos that most people are fond of and some not so much, here we put some of the most famous designs.

Tribal full back tattoos
They are some of the most popular tattoo designs. They are used from much of the tribes, for example the indigenous people of North Africa, The Berbers, the people from the islands of Indonesia use them to state a social status in their society etc. There are a variety of tattoo styles even for the tribal tattoos. For example one of the most popular is the Hawaiian tribal full back tattoo which includes sea shells, pearls, boats or a Tiki figure themes.

hawaein tribal tattoos for men women tribal tattoo desgin for full back
The Asian full back tattoos
Another place to look for some amazing ideas is the Asian culture especially the Chinese and Japanese as they are rich both in history and culture. The dragon is the most common symbol of the both countries. It symbolizes power and heroism. There are also other symbols for the dragon; he is often referred as a mythical creature which brings fortune and prosperity.

Asian tribal tattoo for men asian tattoos for men
The angel full back tattoo
The angel full back tattoo and the “Angel’s wings” are a popular tattoo designs you may want to consider. They are considered as a main stream tattoo and are worn by both men and women, although the women are more fond of them. The angel tattoo holds a very symbolic meaning most common of it is symbol of protection like the Guardian Angel that is supposedly watching over us, but there are a lot of variations of it, one example of it, is the “Guardian Angel” holding a sword, then other designs draws him as if he is looking at heaven etc. The wings can symbolize a means for escape from something.

men back angel tattoosFull back angel tattoo for men

Women’s full back tattoos
As the title may say, these are full back tattoos only suitable for women. There are a lot of themes which are considered as a great full back tattoo design, some of the designs include floral theme such as roses, orchids, lilies and lotuses.

Chinese symbol cherry blossom treewomen back fantasy dragon tattoos

Women’s favorite full back tattoo themes
There can be endless possibilities, or variations of a given theme. The most popular themes are dragonflies and butterflies with or without flowers, other popular theme is the Guardian Angel drawn as a protector or just a pair of wings that symbolize the ability of flight, or the ability to escape from something.

women  back dragon tattoos women full back dragon tattoo

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