Milkmaid Braid Collides Young Woman with Modern-Rebel Look

stylish red hair crown braid

Want to look a little flirty and romantic this Valentine’s day? It’s good to give a try to Milkmaid braid. Actually, it is a braid that encircling your head and you may call it crown braid sometime. Girls who are ready to muster folkish innocence must give it a try for special Valentine’s Day party or other special occasions. Celebrities normally wear this hairstyle on big events or red carpet as they know that they look gorgeous and hot with it. This style never goes out from the fashion industry as it has been spotting not only on street but also on the runway this year.This cute style can be pulled by every girl with long hair. However, if you don’t have long hair then you need to grab a well-matched hair piece for getting your stunning crown. You are able to spot a few variations in milkmaid braid styling. Let’s have a glimpse at variety of milkmaid braids, that make you enjoy modern day rebel aesthetic.

easy crown braid

Clean and Classic Milkmaid Braid

Girls who want to look perfect feminine and rock-n-roll look should give a try to this classic and sleek braid. For getting such hairstyle, you need to use shiny and sleek serum for clear and neat finish. Girls who fly through runway usually try classical version of Milkmaid as they like to look super-chic.

classic milkmaid braid sleek crowns braidclassical milkmaid braid

Slightly Loose milkmaid braids

Those who are going to attend a beach party or friend get together don’t like to look super-formal. Therefore, it’s good for them to have a little undone kind of crown braid. They don’t need to do much effort for wearing such nice and robust crown. Normally, serum doesn’t apply for making braid and texture clear and neat; instead you can make a milkmaid braiding on a rough and dry texture for having a real-rebel look for modern party.

trendy milkmaid braidloose milkmaid celebrity milkmaid braid hairstyle

Messy Yet romantic milkmaid braids

It is indeed one of the adorable crown braid variations that one can try. It adds great attitude and x-factor to your personality and overall look. You look like classical model of 21st Century. You try to represents that fashion is your temple but it is you who will decide whether this temple has clear finish or not. No doubt, a girl who wears messy and romantic milkmaid braid shows rebel attitude.

messy milkmaid for womenmessy and romantic milkmaid bairsgreen messy crown braidmessy crown braids

Milkmaid Braids with interwoven Color Strips

Those who want to add some colors to this chic hairstyle can start interweaving colorful strips into this braid. For example, if you are looking for a Valentine’s Day hairstyle then you can make changes to crown braid. You can pick a hot red ribbon or strip and then interweave it in your braid. It is indeed a good idea for those who like to get sleek and Valentine’s theme look.

ribbon interwomen crown braid

colorful strip interwoven in milkmaid braid

Wedding Milkmaid Braids

Girls love to wear crown braid on their wedding. Even bride maids prefer to get this classical yet romantic hairstyle. They usually adore this hairstyle with different hair accessories. Some women like to decorate their crowns with pink flower while other goes for heavy flowery colorful head-bands. There are many cases when women like to pick real flower for adoring their sleek braid.

milkmaid braid with little white flower decorflower accessories for milkmaid braidcrown braid with pink flower accesories

Double Crown Braids

If you have good hair length then you can also give a try to double milkmaid braids. You can make two think crowns and then fix them with bobby pins. This hairstyle is quite suitable for those girls who are going to attend a formal college party this year.

two crowns braidtwo milkmaid braid of Jessica albaMilkmaid Braids with Curly Hair

In case you don’t want sophisticated look and like to look simply yet stylish, then you simply need to make a sleek and cute crown braid. No need to catch your all hair in a band, instead you use a curling iron for getting perfect flirty locks around your face. You can go for either wavy curls or loose curls with this braids, choice is truly yours.

stylish red hair crown braidcrown braid with loose curlsmessy crown braid with sleek hair

It is not really hard to make a milkmaid braid. You just need to learn this hairstyle one time and after that you are free to have same braid with different variations and styling. When you don’t want hair on your head and need an easy hairstyle then it is the right time to give a try to this modern yet rebel-look hairstyle.

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