Music Lovers Must Take inspiration from Keyshia Cole hairstyles

black and blonde faux hawk hairstyle of keyshia

Do you like Keyshia Cole music? Love to look like her? Want to get the same look as Keyshia has? I think you can also grab a rock-star look if you take inspiration from Keyshia Cole hairstyles. As we all know, hairstyles of celebrities in music industry are always bold and different from other industries celebs. The reason is that singer has to put stage on fire, so they always pick the best lyrics, hairstyles and dress for themselves. An important part of Keyshia look is her hairstyle, if you want to imitate her then you have to follow her hairstyle. Today, I would like to shed light on some really cool hairstyles of Keyshia Cole.

Keyshia Cole Colored hairstyle

Keyshia is a singer, so just like other singer she doesn’t mind throwing color on her hair. She opted for dark brown and blonde hair, that is a normal thing. But some unusual hairstyles of Keyshia Cole were r red/peach long hair and shocking pink/orange short hair. Only a bold girl can pull off the same colors, I’m sure.

red and skin hairstyle of keyshia

orange medium wavy hair

orange wavy hairstyle of keyshia cole

peach red long hairstyle of keyshia cole


Curly hairstyles of Keyshia

Keyshia has natural curly hair but she add some charm factor into her curls by adding some curls. You can see her long and short blonde, black , dark brown and orange curly hairstyle. Keyshia guides the girls that they can draw out the beauty of their natural hair with vibrant colors.

tousled curly hairstyle of keyshia

keyshia curly hairstyles

brown curly hair keyshia cole

natural curly hairtsyle keyshia cole

Keyshia Cole hairstyles: Updo

In case you need some party hairstyles the Keyshia can surely guide you in the best way. Her high big blonde/black updo made her look terrific and eye-catching. She also tried many formal kinds of updo hairstyles for special party or award ceremonies.

updo hairstyle of keyshia

high donut updo of keyshia cole

formal updo hairstyle of keyshia

keyshia cole  updo hair

Mohawk hairstyle of Keyshia Cole

Girls who are passionate about music don’t mind rock their look with Mohawk hairstyle. It is a fact that you can get the best Mohawk hairstyle only from Keyshia Cole hairstyles. She wore Mohawk in many different ways. One time she appeared with very sleek and rolled hair Mohawk and another time she appeared with a Mohawk with tousled wavy hair. Even she wore a short version of Mohawk i.e. Faux hawk in blonde/black color. Her tousled curls looked amazing.

black mohawk hairstyle of keyshia

braid and mohawk hairstyle

keyshia cole black and blonde mohawk hairstyle

keyshia cole black mohawk hairstyle

black and blonde faux hawk hairstyle of keyshia

Keyshia Mullet hairstyle

Keyshia wore 10 inch long black and brown mullet hairstyle that changed her look to a great extent. This hairstyle was popular last year though you can try short mullet hairstyle this year. A girl can grab instant attention of all toward her due to this particular hairstyle.

mullet hairstyle of keyshia

mullet hairstyle of keyshia

Short hairstyles of Keyshia Cole

You are able to see many different short hair style of Keyshia. She tried pixie, funky short, wavy, short curls, fringe, bangs and many other. She loves to wear short hair since such hairstyle is easy to set and she can put more focus on her work. So, when you need freedom then you can try Keyshia Cole short hairstyles.

short blonde curly hairstyle

short wavy hairstyle of keyshia

keyshia cole  short hairstyles

short pixie hairstyle of keyshia cole Ponytail hairstyle of Keyshia Cole

Keyshia wore high and long straight ponytail for a shoot and she was looking very amazing with this hairstyle. She also wore a unique ponytail during her stage performance. She shaved her head from one side and get heart tattoos. It is a fantastic idea of hairstyling for music lovers.

straight long high ponytail of keyshiaunique ponytail of keyshia

The fans of Keyshia would surely like to take inspiration from Keyshia Cole hairstyles. She gives you the best ideas of hairstyling, no matter you have short or long hair length. If you need instant change in look then you should try her Mohawk or mullet hairstyle.

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