Nicki Minaj Without Makeup is hard to Recognize

nicki minaj without makeup

Rapper Nicki Minaj has a power to set stage on fire with her fierce and tremendous lyrics. She enjoyed great fan following due to her great work. Before her industry was missing a female rapper and her entry made a real difference. She came and grabbed attention of all toward her sizzling music. She holds top position in the charts since the release of album Pink Friday. Her fans like not only her voice but also her makeup. Her Pink bubblegum lips always complete her signature look. We are quite used to see Nicki with heavy makeup that Nicki minaj without makeup is barely recognizable.

nicki minaj makeup

Actually, whenever we see Nicki she has heavy eye makeup and bold lippy. She always hit the stage with her newest look and style. Her fashion craze is as amazing as her music is. Women like to follow her style, dress and makeup. However, still there are some women who want to see Nicki Minaj without makeup. This picture of Nicki Minaj is updated by herself on instagaram. You would surprise to see how simple she is in reality. Her natural look is simply great though. This photo is taken on March, 2014.

nicki minaj without makeup

It is another picture of Nicki Minaj no makeup look. Look at her eyes which seem quite different from normal eyes. I’m sure her makeup artist has to apply a ton of cosmetic for covering deep circle of her eyes.

nicki minaj without makeup

Before Nicki Minaj’s Barbie transformation, she was looking quite natural and perfect. She had cute look. Her skin was in great condition. She didn’t have to use a lot of foundation for adding beauty into her face. Pink is her favorite lipstick and she never wants to give up her lipstick.

natural makeup nicki minaj

Check another picture of Nicki Minaj without makeup is from Elle cover page of April 2013 issue. She only used pink lipstick as a makeup item. Overall her look is flawless and eye-catching.

nicki minaj no makeup

So, what picture of Nick Minaj no makeup you like the most? Share with us.

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