Nicole Kidman Gone Curly for Her daughter curly hairstyle

natural curly hairstyle of nicole kidman

Moms can never ignore cute request of their little sweet daughters regarding their hairstyling and outfit and same is true about Oscar-winning-actress Nicole Kidman. She has natural curly ringlet hair but she normally doesn’t like to embrace her hair until her daughter, Faith, made a request to her. Little sweet heart of Nicole has also ringlet curly hairstyle naturally, so she wants that her mother should look exactly like her in every manner. We saw Nicole many times with straight or formal curly hair but now we will get a chance to see natural ringlet curly hair of this beautiful celebrity. This is made possible by an innocent wish of her cute little daughter.

natural curled hairstyle of nicole kidman

Before her motherhood span, Nicole Kidman used to loathe her natural curled hairstyle. She might think that ringlet curls didn’t match with her shiny personality. However, now she has started embracing curls for the sake of her daughter. Her three-year old daughter asks her mother to wear exactly the same curly ringlets that she has. Just like other mothers, Nicole couldn’t resist to that request.

nicole kidman daughter faith curled hairstylesnicole kidman daughter faith curly hair

It is a fact that many of us don’t like to embrace our naturally curls, coils and waves. We think that we can’t look very appealing, if we don’t make them straight or sleek by using chemicals or straightening irons. But another fact is that our natural hair is our inside beauty and if we have enough confidence then we can intensify that beauty to a great extent. There is only a need to accept our inner natural beauty first.

curly hairstyle of nicole kidmancurled black hairstyles of nicole kidman

Cute request of Faith is not simply a request but actually it is an important phenomenon of motherhood. Little girls often look at their mothers just to find common features that they share with them. If you want your daughter to get closer to you than before then just give her that common feature and you will see a good difference into your relationship. Your hairstyle, your eyebrows or any other feature could be that common point. Also remember that every little girl wants to grow up look like her mother and request of Faith for Nicole’s curly hairstyle is just a simple explanatory example for every mother.


Happy Motherhood!!

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