Organic Beauty Packs for Skin Lightening- Stop Throwing Money on Useless skin Brightening Creams now

All scientists believe that organic products have more natural powers and abilities to heal our problems when compared to over-the-counter beauty products. They also believe that organic ingredients work more effectively in their real form as compared to their preserved form. Organic ingredients are used in the formulation of beauty products in a preserved form; though they still work in this form but they might be less effective.

Suppose you feel like drinking a glass of fresh orange juice and you have two options, one is to buy a fresh pack of preserve orange juice from the market and second is to extract it at home using a machine from the fresh orange. Which one form of the juice will be better for you? Of course the second one because it is fresh and healthy as you would extract it from its natural source and all ingredients will be intact in it. I am not recommending you to stop buying beauty products from the market, I am just emphasizing on the use of natural ingredients only if they are accessible. Preserved form of ingredients may also cost you much more than you would think, so just rely more on natural products.

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Natural Beauty Packs for Skin Lightening

Natural beauty packs are skin masks or creams that are made out of home ingredients such as lemon juice, orange juice, flours and essential oils. We can get benefits from natural beauty packs as all ingredients that go into the formula are easily available in our kitchen. Here are some of the packs that you can make at your home without spending a huge stack of money:

Citrus Juice and Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is beneficial for our skin and hair. It has natural antiseptic and anti fungal properties and it is also very rich in Vitamin E. It also contains Lauric acid that helps in the synthesis of natural protein. When you use it on your skin by making a mixture of it with two drops of lemon or orange juice, you get excellent results. Citrus juice can lighten your skin tone while coconut oil will supply important nutrients to the skin. Both will work together to give you healthy, supple, and beautiful looking skin.

 Sandalwood Power, Lemon Juice and Rose Water

Mix two tablespoons of rose water with one tablespoon of lemon and one and half tablespoon sandalwood. Use the paste on your face and neck for 20 minutes and wash it off with tap water. The paste does magic; it will address to your skin problems such as pigmentation, freckles, age spot, and blemishes.

Olive Oil, Honey and Sugar for Skin Lightening

The mixture of these three component acts as a wonderful antioxidant mask for the aging and sun-burned skin. Olive oil and honey will react with sugar, when applied to the skin; it exfoliates the topmost layers of the skin by eliminating scars, spots, acne marks, and dark spots. You just need to rub the paste gently on the skin, if there is an accumulation of dead skin cells on the skin, they will come off easily. Moreover, the paste will also work on stubborn blackheads, hiding deep inside your skin layers. A fresh skin is revealed soon after dead layers of the skin shed off. So the formula is very helpful in brightning the skin.

Tomato Juice for Skin

Tomato juice is used for sun-tanned skin because it has natural healing properties. The juice can penetrate into deep layers of the skin because it contains essential enzymes, rich vitamin c and citric acid. You can cut the tomato in small slices and extract the juice out of them, now rub it on your face and let it stay there for 20 minutes. Wash your face with fresh water to discover a big change in your skin complexion. The juice can also heal sun burn scars and pigmentation, so use it continuously to get rid of skin flaws.

Aloe Vera Extract for Skin Brightening

Aloe Vera has so many healing properties. It can absorb deep into the skin layers and repair the tissues from the inside, by alleviating all dark spots. It can also remove burn marks if used religiously for several weeks. When combined with Vitamin E oil, Aloe Vera becomes a highly effective skin whitening beauty pack.


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