How to Do Palm tree Nail Art at home?

how to palm tree nail art

Do you love the beauty of Palm tree? Want to do palm nail art at home? This task seems very difficult but reality is different. You don’t need to an expert nail artist for making the palm tree on your nail. You can complete this task within 10-15 minutes without any person’s help.

how to palm tree nail art

Things You will Need

Interesting thing about this palm tree nail art design is that you don’t need to buy tools for this design from the market. You will have required tools in your kitchen’s cupboard at home. Here is a list of things that you need.

  • Nail polish White
  • Black nail polish
  • Sky blue nail polish
  • Sponge
  • Straw
  • Top Coat

Palm Nail art at home Tutorial

You need to follow 7 simple steps for getting this mind blowing nail art design.


Step No.1 Base Coat

You have to prepare your nail i.e. cutting and filing the nails.Now apply base coat on your nails. Choose white base coat and let it dry.


Step No.2 Ready Your Sponge

Take a sponge, drop a few drops of sky blue nail polish over it.


Step No.3 Ombre Effect

Now you need to tap the sponge on the tip of your nails. You have to dab sponge in a way that you get ombre effect.


Step No.4 Straw Cutting

Now it’s time to cutting the straw. You have to cut the straw as show in the image. You have to make the leaves from the round tip of straw. Once you have cut the straw, dip it into a black polish.


Step No.5 Make Palm Leaves

Now you have to create three leaves of palm by pressing the tip of straw onto the nail. While making a leave, you have to make sure that they are smaller at the top side and large at the bottom.


Step No.6  Thin Straw Cutting

When you have created the leaves of your palm tree nail art at home, the next step would be cutting of straw. You have to cut the straw  thinner than before. Now dip it into black nail polish.


Step No.7 Create Trunk

Paint the line at the bottom of palm leaves with this thin straw. If your line is a little curvy then don’t need to remake it. Actually, trunk of palm tree doesn’t very straight. Give final finish to your palm tree nail art at home with top coat.


I’m sure every girl would like to try palm tree nail art design at home. You are free to choose different color for palm tree just to get a unique style of palm nail art. If you try this manicure at home then don’t forget to share the picture of your nail art with us.


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