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Design of Dragon Fantasy tattoos

Supernatural forces seem to be hitting new heights in terms of tattoo popularity. For those who admire the magical ways and love the supernatural the fantasy tattoo is just the thing for you. There are hundreds of different fantasy tattoos that you can get, you only need to choose which one you like the most. We give a list of some of the best. From all of those tattoos designs some of the most famous are the dragon tattoos, gargoyle tattoos, zombies, werewolves and mermaids.

Dragon Tattoos for Asian men
Asian Dragon Tattoos
back tattoos of dragon
Fantasy world Dragon tattoo for back

Dragon Fantasy tattoos
The origin of the word “dragon” has been traced as back as ancient Greece from the word “derkein” meaning “a sharp-sighted one” describing a snake-like creature. After it was converted to Latin it became “draco” or “a giant snake”. These tattoos have a dragon theme on it, most of the time they are really huge, intricate and very eye-appealing. With the wisdom of a race of long forgotten creatures, the dragon is a symbol that is quite popular as a subject for tattooing. There are two very different designs of the dragons; The Eastern dragon and the Western one.
 The Eastern dragon
The Asian version of the dragon is the most popular version of it, with their whiskered faces, reaching claws and flowing bodies that move in rhythm. The natural curves of the oriental version of the dragon complement the human body, which means that the Asian dragon makes an ideal body art subject, also it is common the Asian version of the dragon tattoo designs to have fire and smoke in the background.

Dragon Tattoos for front body of men
Eastern Dragon Design
Body Eastern Dragon Tattoos
Eastern Dragon Tattoo for body

The Western dragon
The Western dragons or in some cases European dragons are species that appear mostly in fantasy books and movies. The Western dragons used to arouse fear and be regarded with dread and hesitation, but also a lot has changed in the past century as many European dragons are now viewed as friendly and wise. Each different culture has made an image for how the dragons looked like and act like. For example in German folklore dragons were considered as a symbol of greed, in many fairy tales and books dragons stockpiled mountains of gold and jewels making the dragons a symbol of wealth.

Western Dragon Tattoos
Western Dragon Tattoo design
Design of Dragon Fantasy tattoos
Real Dragon Fantasy Tattoo

Cutest dragon tattoos you have ever seen
There are also some cute dragon tattoo themes that represent baby dragons. These tattoo themes are often brightly colored with friendly contours. Although the traditional dragon themes have some symbolic meaning, these tattoos are just decorative and simply fun and cute.

women dragon tattoo
Cute dragon tattoos for women
baby dargon tattoos for arm
baby dragon tattoos
sleeves dragon tattoo cute one
baby dragon tattoo for sleeves

Unique Gargoyle Fantasy tattoos- from super cute to scary monsters
The gargoyle designs themes can vary a lot, from sweet looking to frightening monsters, from using their wings for flight, to sitting on a rock or a building that in most of the cases is the famous Notre Dame cathedral.

women cute gargoyle devil tattoos
Cute Gargoyle Devil Tattoo for women
Simple Design of Gargoyle Tattoo
Clear Design of GargoyleTattoo
Gargoyle Devil Tattoos for men
Gargoyle Devil Tattoo designs

What is the Gargoyle tattoo symbolizing?
It has become a general opinion that these grotesque statues may keep away evil spirits and protect the building and its people from any harm as the statues were meant to act as talismans of protection.

Men Arm Gargoyle Tattoo
Gargoyle Tattoo for arm

Phoenix tattoos- from ashes reborn
The Phoenix tattoo designs feature the mythical fire bird with scaly body and elegant feathery wings. The Phoenix is often featured with sharp talons and a deadly beak like a predator, yet it reminds of a bird of paradise. There are many variations of the Phoenix tattoo some of the most famous of them are:

Phoenix dragon tattoos designs
men Phoenix Tattoos

The Phoenix drawn with bright colors
Some phoenix tattoo designs are using much of the red and orange color, representing fire and flames, although there are also drawn in darker colors even just black outlines.

colorful phoenix tattoo for women
Women colorful phoenix Tattoo

The Phoenix rising from the ashes
There are quite a few designs in which the Phoenix is rising from the ashes, although there are variations of the location and his appearance all depending on the body of the wearer of the tattoo.

Phoenix Tattoos for women body
Phoenix Rising from Ashes

The Phoenix egg
The Phoenix is sometimes drawn as an egg surrounded by flames, according to legends, the Phoenix will rise from it and become the legendary fire bird.

Phoenix Egg back tattoos
back tattoo of Phoenix Egg
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