Pick Perfect wedding hairstyles for long hair

Chignon hairstyles

You have picked the dress, found the band that suits you, and confirmed the catering. Now there is only one task left to take care of before your greatest day begin: finally decide which of the hundreds of hairstyles to choose from.
Obviously you want a perfect hairstyle to compliment your dress which will help u leave a breathtaking impression. But between long waves, chic updos and curly ponytails, there are so many hairstyles that can work.

long curly hairstyle for wedding
Formal curl hairstyle for long hair

To choose the best hairstyle for your perfect day, we present you some breathtaking hairstyles which you can choose from. They look flawless not only on the bride’s hair but for the bridesmaids or even the wedding guests.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

Picking the perfect wedding hairstyle  is a huge part of preparing your big day. It affects how your wedding pictures turn out also how close you come to the perfect wedding look. Here we have put a list with some of the best wedding hairstyles for long hair you can try.

braided hairstyle for wedding
Traditional braided hairstyle for wedding

Traditional hairstyle with flower accessory

“Traditional” “elegant” do these words describe you? If they do you will probably want to wear a classic wedding hairstyle with simple, clean lines without much embroidery. The necklines for this style typically follow the collar-bone like a Bateau. Because this hairstyle is simple you might want to add some hair accessories like flowers that will make your styling more complete.
Wearing flowers in your hair is up there with champagne, frilly dresses and glowing beauties. Flowers are the ultimate romantic accessories. They make women feel beautiful and fresh, like she is blooming alongside the flowers creating a fairy-tale look.

Wedding curly hairstyles for long hair
Wedding curly hairstyles with tiny white flower
flower wedding hairstyle
Traditional wedding hairstyle with colorful flowers

The classic ponytail

A ponytail is the simplest way to style the hair, making this perfect for a no-fuss bride who still wants to look elegant and polished. It allows you to move freely so it’s comfortable, it’s timeless and classic especially when the pony is high up at the crown of the head making some of the most simple but chic wedding hairstyles for long hair  that you can try out.

sleek ponytail hairstyle for long hair for wedding
Sleek ponytail hairstyle for wedding
Simple side ponytail hairstyle for wedding
Side ponytail hairstyle for wedding

Sleek pin-straight hairstyle

A sleek pin-straight hair is understated and edgy, while the accent of a subtle broach keeps it elegant and wedding-appropriate, perfect for big city weddings that’s both minimalistic and modern. The ornament’s placement is directly behind the ear and that is what makes this looks so new since it is visible only when the bride turns her head.

stylish hairstyles for long hair
Wedding hairstyles for long hair
long straight hairstyles for wedding
Wedding long straight hairstyle
Sleek straight hairstyles with pin
Sleek Straight hairstyles for wedding

Romantic chignon hairstyle

Romantic low chignon is one of the best wedding hairstyle for long hair. The chignon in a form of a full, low chignon is amazing wedding look for brides that want to layer on the romance, no matter their hair type. With the help of a jeweled clip you can add a touch of modern elegance that goes beautifully with any dress or wedding style.

Chignon hairstyles
Chignon hairstyle with white flower
Chignon wedding hairstyle
Chignon traditional wedding hairstyle
Chignon hairstyles with flowers
Elegant chignon hairstyle
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