Play with Vibrat Colors and Get a Trendy Peacock Eye Makeup

peacock eye makeup with dark blue

We all love to see dance of peacock in garden and we used to praise the beauty of this creature. When it comes to personal styling and makeup, we observe that women take inspiration not only from celebrities but also beautiful animals and birds. Peacock is indeed the most beautiful bird that has colorful tail covert feathers. Colorful tail feathers are real inspiration for the women.They love to apply same shades as a peacock’s tail has to their eyes. Teenagers and kids also like to wear peacock style makeup on their eyes. Let’s take a quick glance of exciting peacock eye makeup ideas below.

peacock eye makeup with dark blue
Vibrant Blue Peacock eye makeup
eye makeup with colorful feathers
Peacock feather eye makeup


Why Do Women attract toward Peacock Makeup?

This specific makeup has a lot of vibrant colors that grab attention of every woman. She likes to play with different colors to grab a very promising look. She wants to look as beautiful and magical as a peacock looks while dancing. Every person get still for some seconds when he sees a girl having color of life on her eye-lids.

peacock style eye makeup for women
Chic Peacock style eyes
inspiring peacock eye makeup for women
Peacock Inspired makeup
blue eyes makeup resembles with peacock
Dark Blue eye makeup inspired by Peacock



Peacock Makeup Ends Boredom and Welcomes Happiness

Whenever you get bored, you should take your eye-shadows and start playing with your favorite colors. You would notice that this color-playing task will not only ends your boredom but also adds some positive energy inside you. You would love to smooth every color on your eyes and once you done you will feel that you have accomplished something very amazing. In simple words, you can get rid of dullness and boredom and say hi to your “Lost happiness” via this makeup.

Perfect peacock eye makeup
Colorful Peacock Eye Makeup
clean peacock eye makeup
Simple Peacock style eye makeup


What is main part in  makeup of Peacock Eye?

According to experts, women learn to know how to select the right color combination and of course how to properly apply eye-shades. Interestingly, you have wide assortment of vibrant color to choose from when it comes to color selection. Commonly, women pick dark green, red, purple, orange, gold and yellow. However, you can pick your favorite colors depending on feather colors of your inspiriting peacock.

peacock style makeup for women
Blue and Green Peacock style makeup
peacock style eye makeup idea
Attractive peacock type eyes makeup
blue peacock eyes makeup
Blue Eye Peacock makeup

Variety of Peacock Inspired Eye Makeup

Interestingly, you are able to find different types of peacock style eye makeup. Some women focus more on blue color than green. While other like to emphasize more on green feathers. Some artistic women use glitters after color application just to make their eyes more attractive and class than before.

peacock eye makeup with glitter
Glittery Peacock Inspired eye makeup


eye makeup inspired by peacock feathers
Shiny Peacock eye makeup


ideas of peacock type eye makeup
Vibrant Yellow and Blue Peacock eye makeup

At the end, it is suggested to watch video tutorial that bring into light the main steps to follow while applying makeup of peacock on your eyes.

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