Pompadour, Rockabilly or Greaser Hairstyles for Men

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Greaser hairstyles for men were very popular in 1950s. This hairstyle is still famous in 2015 but we recognize it with some different names such as pompadour, conservative style, rockabilly, or slicked back hair. No matter what name you give to this style, it looks fantastic on almost every man. Men who want to add some charm factor into their personality can surely consider it.Today, I will give you a chance to explore many different forms of greaser hairstyles.

rockabilly hairstyles men

Classic Greaser hairstyles for men

We all know that 1950s was an era of change and revolution. Rock and roll songs were usually liked by people of this era, so they loved to follow hairstyling of singers. When it comes to fashion and trends in 1950s, then you always notice greaser hairstyle. Different variations of this hairstyles such as rockabilly, pompadour, conservative look, slicked back, and others were worn by actors, professionals, singer, top stars of the world.

1950s hairstyles men

Pompadour hairstyles men

Different types of Men Greaser hairstyles

Let’s check some cool styling options that is categorized under greaser hairstyles.

Duck Tail

Duck’s Ass or duck tail was very popular in men fashion trends of 1950s. For creating this style, hair is parted at one side and then top of hair is comb over to other sides. Sides hair are comb straight back just to match the hair look with the middle of the head. In order to keep hair into its place, people usually applied hair creams. Today, guys can make duck tail hairstyle by following the same procedure. They can use gel for traditional look while pomade can offer them soft and chic hold.

duck ass hairstyles men

Pompadour Hairstyles for men

This is the modern version of greaser hairstyles for men. Interestingly, you can see many different variations of pompadour. One style is to side part the hair, combing the top hair to sides and forward and then flip the front back just to give your hair certain height. Another way to make pompadour hairstyle at home is to simply comb the top forward and then flip it up and back, this variation doesn’t involve hair partitions. The sides are usually slicked back or keep to their place by using cream. For stiff hold and wet look of modern pompadour, you need to use gel before combing your hair. This hairstyle was popular among musicians who played rockabilly- a specific kind of music.

Pompadour hairstyles men men hairstyle ideas pomapdour


greaser hairstyles for men 50s hairstyles men

Conservative style for men

This particular hairstyle was usually worn by old men with short hair. They applied cream to set their short hair in a nice way. One way to create conservative men hairstyle is to part hair at one side and then comb straight over to another sides. This was the most acceptable hairstyle in corporate setting in 1950s. At that time cream was used to create this hairstyle but today you can make it after gel application.


conservative style for men
Don Draper Conservative Style

Slicked back hairstyle

It is another cool greaser hairstyles for men. This is very simple to set. You just need to comb hair from front to back. Some people side part one hair section and then comb another section of hair from front to back. Another good variation of slicked back hair is short sides with comb over middle hair section. This hairstyle became popular due to Dracula character of Hollywood horror movies, when this character was played by Bella Lugosi. It is also good to know that this kind of greaser hairstyle is quite good for people with receding hairline.

pompadour 50s hairstyles men hairstyles greaser

greaser hairstyles for men elephant trunk hairstyle men men greaser hairstyles

Finally, you have got complete idea of greaser hairstyles for men. When you need a classic touch to your hairstyle, you should follow duck ass or conservative hairstyling. Pompadour and slicked back are considered modern and trendy men hairstyles of 2015, though.

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