Quick DIY Nail Art with Golden Glitter for Party

diy nail art with glitter

Girls who like to do creative jobs would surely love to try DIY nail art with glitter. It is indeed fun to enhance beauty of your nails with many different designs. Though you have many complicated manicure to try but I really like to simple nail designing job. It is not possible for you to always work with tools. Sometimes, you have to get ready for a party and you don’t have enough time to spend on your nails especially when you have to pay attention to your eye and lip makeup. Therefore,I’m here to share a simple nail art tutorial with you. This guide would allow you to do beautiful nail design job in less than 10 minutes. So, check out what I have for you. The good thing is it is easy to do, all you need is couple of products to get the same design. Another good thing is that you don’t even need to do anything extra, for instance, nail stamping takes too much time and effort. Who wants to spend so much time in getting their nails fixed when some cool makeover can be achieved by adding some glitter here and there.

diy nail art with glitter

Things You’ll need for DIY nail art

You need to grab only a few things for getting a fascinating party nail design.

  • Baby pink nail paint
  • Base coat
  • Golden Glitter Gel nail polish
  • Top coat

Quick DIY nail art with Golden Glitter

Here are four simple steps which lead you toward a cute nail design.

Step No.1 First of all, you need to apply base coat and let it dry for a few minutes. Now apply a thick coat of creamy baby pink nail polish. Give it some time to get dry completely.

Step No.2 Now it’s time to do the real nail art job. Apply light coat of glitter gel nail polish on your nails. Let this coat dry first before you proceed further with design.

Step No.3 Apply another coat of glitter gel nail polish but only on upper section of your nail. You need to give an ombre effect to your nail design.

Step No.4 Apply top coat for giving final clear touch to your DIY nail art with golden glitter.

No doubt, it is a very simple manicure which you would love to try whenever you have to attend a special party. Though design is simple but it would look super cool, no matter when you give it a try.

Note: If you have applied the glitter in an extra amount by mistake, you can take off the excess by blotting a tissue paper on it. No need to use the remover to clean everything. Once you are sure that extra glitter has been cleaned, you can apply the top coat after a small fix. The method of blotting will not work if you have applied thick coat and it’s already coming off of the base coat.

If you have a hard time managing the amount of the glitter over the nail, do one thing, begin by making small points only and then make frequent coats of the nail polish to get perfection.


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