Are you Ready to Try Glittery Eye Makeup?

multicolor glittery eye makeup

Winter is a period of holiday and free time; we often search for some exciting activities. If you are a creative girl and want to try something unique and different then it is advisable to go for glittery eye makeup. Handling of glittery eye shadow is somehow difficult than mate eye shadows. There is no need to always approach a makeup artist for getting fabulous eye makeup. When you want to look glamorous and chic at a special party then you simply need to do practice of glittery eye makeup at least one week before party. Girl who does practice with passion would be able to surprise her friends on party. She would be praised by every one and she would definitely feel a great sense of accomplishment. Below you can find some amazing glittery eye makeup ideas. You can choose one eye makeup that matches with your outfit.

Light Lemon Glittery Eyes

A girl who is going to wear lemon color dress at her friend’s party could go for this amazing light lemon shade glitter. Application of single color glitter is quite simple. You need to prepare your eye-lids with a little foundation base and then to apply glittery shades smoothly. Try to use a soft brush while applying glittery shades. Some makeup artist use one drop of gel or water for getting smooth and clear look. You also need to learn how to apply cat eye liner. Several online video tutorials will let you learn this kind of eye-liner application in just one hour. When it comes to eye-lashes, you should definitely prefer glittery or jeweled false eye lashes; just to get the perfect eye-look. Always choose light pink or baby pink lipstick with glittery eye makeup.

light lemon glittery eye makeup

Black Smoky Glittery Eyes

Normally, you observe that celebrities come at formal party with smoky glittery eye makeup. It is a fact that one has to try again and again for getting nice-looking smoky eyes makeup. However, this task is not really impossible. Below you can see glittery black eye makeup. You only need to handle black color and if your eye-lids have dark circles then you can use both black and grey color for getting perfect smoky eye makeup. There is no need to apply black eye-liner. This eye makeup would be completed, once you adore your eye-lashes with thick volume eye mascara.

black smokey glittery eye makeup

Brown Glittery Eyes

Your task is to prepare your eyes for makeup and then start applying light brown eye shades on top eye-lid. You need to use mate brown shade over base. You can use multicolor glittery shade for filling half portion of top eye-lid. You don’t need to apply glitter on complete area of upper eye-lid. Once you have done with glittery shade. You need to use dark brown shade over the top of glittery eye shades. Apply eye liner on lower and upper eye-lids and give this eye makeup a final touch with a thick coat of eye-mascara.

brown glittery eye makeup

Blue Glittery Eyes

If you have purchased navy blue or royal blue outfit for special party then you should definitely try this special blue eye makeup. This makeup is quite simple to do. Your task is to first apply mate royal or navy blue shades on upper lids of eyes. You need to apply glittery golden shades over this makeup. Single and nearly invisible line of eye-liner should be applied after smoothing the shades. Light coat of eye-mascara can be used at the end.

Blue eye makeup with golden glitter

Golden Gold Glittery Eye

This eye makeup is perfect for those girls who are going to wear black and gold outfit on a special occasion. Application of gold shade isn’t hard. Some girls first apply gold shades and then make use of golden glitter. On the other hand, some girls prefer to apply direct golden glittery shade. It does all depend on you.

golden glittery eye makeup

Rainbow Inspired Glittery Eyes

Multicolor eye makeup looks astonishing and amazing all the time. If you want to look different than other women of parties then you can go for rainbow inspired eye makeup. Below you can see an example of this specific eye makeup. Color selection is totally dependent on your outfit’ shades.

multicolor glittery eye makeup

Cardinal Red Shiny Glittery Eyes

Want to look sexy and hot at special party? You can pick cardinal red shiny glittery shades for this party. When it comes to lipstick then you can apply either matching or hot red lipstick.


cardinal red eye makeup


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