Represent Innocence and Purity with a Daisy Tattoo

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Daisy tattoo is quite popular among women, some opt for colorful daisies while other like to pick white daisy. Before you consider this tattoo it is really important for you to know meanings of this tattoo design. Once you know meanings, the next thing is to explore some designs to pick the best one for yourself. Today, I would let you dig into meanings and design ideas so you would be able to design your own tattoo in a right way.

This is sleek, simple and very nice. No colors have been added though but it is still expressive and meaningful.

small tattoos for girls

White and yellow in marking. Nice one for the thighs or legs, well it won’t take much space.women lower leg tattoos





small daisy tattoo ideas for girts back tattoos for women yellow daisies tattoos for women

Some Meanings of Daisy Tattoo

Here are some symbolic meanings of daisies.

  • Innocence
  • Beauty
  • Boldness
  • Purity
  • Youthfulness
  • Happiness
  • Feminism
  • Vanity
  • Serenity
  • Emotion
  • Love
  • Luck
  • Patience

Meanings of Daisy in Christianity

If you dig down in Christian art then you would come to know that daisies were frequently used. Artist replaced lily and rose with daisy many times. The most common meanings of daisy tattoo is “purity” and “Innocence”.It is also believed that innocence and purity of Virgin Marry and Jesus Christ represent via daisy.

daisy tattoo ideas for fingers blackdaisy tattoo designs

Cherry red color in the petals. This three dimensional will definitely get more attention for you and everyone will end up appreciating you for having a nice marking daisy tattoo meaning red daisies tattoos on foot

women back tattos ideas red daisy

Meanings of Different Color Daisy tattoos

You are able to see daisy in many different color. The most common is one with a deep yellow sun shaped center with white outer beautiful petals. White daisies tattoo means purity and innocent.

Yellow daisies show intelligence and a happy attitude. Red daisy tattoo means boldness and youthfulness. Blue daisy tattoos symbolize delicate natural and emotion of a female.

Getting it done on the foot is not a bad idea, oh some petals are breaking from the flower, making it more real to our eyes.

orange tattoo ideas for women foot

The ombre of yellow and green, is giving a natural appearance to the design. The petals are not perfectly shaped instead they have asymmetrical edges, giving an impression of real flower.yellow daisy tattoo idea for women small daisy tattoos for women

One honey bee is wandering near the petals. It’s more like a small garden on your body, right

?bees and blue daisies tattos blue daisy tattoos

Daisy tattoo design ideas

You are able to explore many different designs of this tattoo. Single daisy seems beautiful and some artist accompanies it with humming bird, beetle, or bees. Chain of daisies is another great idea to try. Daisies with vine considers as an aesthetical idea. The best place to get a tattoo is shoulder and back. Small daisy tattoo look cute on wrist and ankle but you can make your own choice, definitely.

It’s small and sleek with good colors.

red daisy tatto for women arm women back daisies tattoos

It’s done in black only. Very good drawing idea. The idea has been carried out perfectly by the use of nice strokes.
vine and flower tattoos best tattoos for women cute tattoos for women shoulder tattoo ideas for women

So, what are you looking for? If you want to show your innocence and purity then you should opt for daisies tattoo designs.



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