Rihanna W Mag Makeover Makes her “World’s Wildest Style Icon”

rihanna makeup 2014

The W Mag  sizzled its September issue with the fiercest look of Rihanna. When you look at Rihanna W Mag Makeover then you will surely admit that this makeover has made her “The world Wildest Style Icon” She is a daring celebrity who doesn’t mind trying wild tribe look.

Rihanna wild makeover on W mag september 2014 issue

Rihanna W Mag Makeover is done by Legendary makeup artist Kabuki who describes his masterpiece as “Eskimo Horror Story”. She said ,”I got the vibe that it was slightly animalistic, but also could be interpreted as tribal or survivalist—definitely somebody using their environment as part of their style”. I really like the idea and its interpretation on the Rihanna’s face.

When you get the September issue of W Mag, then you will get a chance to see colorful Rihanna makeover not only in the cover but also inside the mag.

rihanna makeup 2014

Makeup artist said,  “I did the makeup like it was an abstract painting” I am really impressed from the makeup skill of this artist.

“She doesn’t need crazy makeup to be interesting,” he added. “But if you do something strong on her, it’s not going to overwhelm her. She’s going to own it.”

Rihanna Wild Makeup for W Mag 2014

If you look closely at Rihanna W Mag Makeover then you realize that it would be hard for you to copycat this wild look unless you belong to a tribe or a fashion industry.However, there is no need to get disappointed. There are still two main parts of this makeup that you can wear easily.

Blood Red Pout

Yes, you are able to get hot red juicy lips just like Rihanna has. For getting such pout, you have to buy Mac Viva Glam Rihanna Lipstick. The profit from the sale of this lipstick will be given to patient of HIV. You have to apply this lipstick and focus more on the outer boundaries of your lips, if you need the fierce look similar to RiRi.

Rihanna blood red pout

Floating Makeup

It seems that makeup artists are going to kick out floating makeup trend. We have two examples: first is courtesy of Rita Ora and second comes straight from Rihanna W Mag Makeover. These days, makeup artist try to mix up the temple or forehead makeup with the eyes. So, you can consider this floating makeup look for festival season, especially Halloween.

rihanna floating makeup

Now it’s your turn to leave remarks on this fantastic Rihanna W Mag Makeup. Would you like to wear this wild makeup? Share with us.


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