Rosary tattoos : Symbolism, History and Design ideas

cross with rosary tattoos

People who have great interest in  religion usually like to get rosary bead or rosary tattoos.  This tattoo is commonly worn by both men and women. Good thing is that rosary tattoo can be designed in many different ways, so it can be tattooed anywhere on body. Some people like to combine rosary with other elements or symbols. Today, I would like to give you a chance to explore different ideas of rosary tattoo designs but before this you need to know their meanings.

rosary tattoo designs

What is a Rosary?

Rosary is a basic system that is used for counting how many prayers are said. Actually, it is a beaded necklace that is used during prayer. It is used for religious purpose. Traditionally, rosary is made of five set of ten beads or total fifty beads. Normally, a cross is placed along with rosary in a tattoo design. Every set of bead represents one prayer. Rosary is used commonly by a person while he is praying but it is also used for demonic possessions. The string of bead is known as “Chaplet”.

women ankle rosary taattoos

rosary tattoo design
Rosary tattoos on men chest

hand rosary tattoos

Rosary tattoos designs

Check many different design ideas of rosary tattoos.

People are able to find a wide variety of design of rosary tattoo. Rosary is usually associated with the rose in many different reasons. Actually, rosary beads are made out of grounded rose petals. Rosary is derived from Latin word “rosarium” that means “Rose Garden”. Rosary has a close link to to Protestantism and Catholicism respectively. In many Catholic Church, rosary is considered very sacred symbol.

shoulder rosary tattoos rosary tattoo on women ankle

Some religions consider rosary very sacred and when someone gets rosary tattoo design then they consider it as  disrespect to religion. It is good to know that rosary tattoos are not viewed as other religious tattoos such as Jesus , bible , angle or cross tattoo. When it comes to different symbols that can be used with rosary tattoo then you can consider getting heart, wings, angels and cross .

rosary tattoo wear on neck foot rosary tattoo design ideas ankle rosary tattoo designs

Praying hands and rosary tattoos

One of the most popular and beautiful design of rosary tattoo is praying hands that are wrapped with rosary beads. The meanings of this specific tattoo design are different. They show your love for religion or your faith. They are also used as a memorial or R.I.P tattoo. In such case, you want to demonstrate your love to a person who you have lost.

praying and rosary tattoos
Rosary tattoos with praying hand

Best Places to get Ink of Rosary tattoos

If you don’t know where to get ink of rosary tattoo then you need to continue reading. Interestingly, you can get this tattoo anywhere on your body. The most common places where you see them are ankles, legs, arms, around the neck.  Men like to get a rosary tattoo design around neck because it is worn traditionally in this manner. Women on the other hand love to have this design around their ankle or wrist as it looks great on this area.

rosary tattoo and heart designs

rosary tattoo design
Cross and rosary tattoos

rosary tattoos on foot

jesus and rosary tattoos
Rosary tattoo design with Jesus

cross with rosary tattoos

There  is no need to get rush for any tattoo design. You need to do proper research on its meanings. Sometimes, people get a tattoo and later on their feel bad. So, I suggest you to know complete meanings or rosary tattoos and then decide whether it is a right tattoo design for you or not.









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