Say Hi to Graduated Bob in 2014

highlighted graduated bob

The girls who have decided to change their hairstyles this year should definitely consider graduated bob as this hairstyle is back to fashion world in 2014. This hairstyle is perfectly suitable for girls with round face. In case you have medium hair then you can try it anytime you have some free time for hairstyling. It is a fact that graduated bob hairstyle is indeed designed for those girls who have natural straight hair. Actually, they don’t need to do much effort for maintaining exact look of this hairstyle.

angled bob hair cut

What Exactly Graduated Bob is?

Some women get confuse with this hairstyle name, it’s time to clear you confusion. It is a short sophisticated hairstyle in which hair is shorter in the back and gradually gets longer at the front. If you look this hairstyle from left or right side you notice that hair get longer from back to front. This hairstyle is also known as wedge and angled bob. Only a professional hairstylist can give you a perfect graduated or angled bob cut. When you look at neck of a girl who have this hairstyle then you discover nice looking V-angle.

sleek graudated bob for womentrendy angled bob for girls

Graduated Bob Now and Then

Bob hair cut was originated from World War 1 when women joined workforce and they didn’t have much time for do pinning and brushing again and again. Angled bob cut got popularity from 1990 and it was among the top short hairstyles at that time. Women of all ages adopted that hair cut as the line of cut and balance of shape suited to every face cut. This classical style becomes very technical these days. Now horizontal lines and vertical angles have changed the way it looked in past. Hair artists use thin scissors and razor for getting sharp and modern look. Sharp thin edges of hair strands are created through razor.

blonde angled bob in 2014

Highlights and Bold Color for Chic Look

Girls usually like to get some highlights for making graduated bob cut more appealing and modern. Women with blonde hair should get red or honey color streaks while those who have black hair can get dark red or brownish highlights. One tip that you need to keep in mind while getting highlight is the right place of highlight.

red bob with blakc streaksblack graduated bob with black streaks

You should pick that hair part when sun hit so that your style get bright in the morning and shine at night. Some women want to get bold colors such as red, purple, plum, etc. Such bold colors on choppy hair cut look amazing. In case you want soft look then you need to get layers in this hairstyle.

red sleek angled bob cutangled bob hair cut

Who Can Wear Angled Bob cut?

Graduated bob hair cut is suitable for women with long neck and a nice jawline. This hairstyle is quite good for women with straight natural hair. Although women with curly and frizzy hair can go for this kind of hair cut yet they need to do much effort on daily basis. If they get this hair cut, they need to use flat iron for maintaining its overall style and look. This specific hair style is also good for those girls who have thin and light hair.

purple bold angled bob

Graduated Bob cut is a Difficult Hairstyle

No doubt, a girl looks wonderful in angled bob but before you opt for it, it is advisable to know some shortcomings associated with this hair cut. Girls who have straight natural hair can easily maintain it for long run. However, those who have curly hair should need to use flat iron on daily basis; a tiresome job. If you don’t do ironing, you are unable to have its sleek and clear look.

highlighted graduated bob

In addition, one needs to visit hair salon every month for trimming lengthy edges and getting right angles. That’s mean maintenance of this kind of bob cut requires your time and money.

brown graduated bob

Girls who are crazy about trends and fashion will definitely try graduated bob in 2014. In fact, no hurdle can stop them from getting this versatile and chic hairstyle.

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