Show Internal Organ Fantasy with Biomechanical Tattoo

men skull biomechanical tattoos

Biomechanical tattoo design is quite popular among men who like to represent internal organ fantasy world.Only an expert tattoo artist is able to do this kind of surrealistic art in an amazing way. T his style combines elements of machine with organics. It is really great to represent animal or human anatomy where bones and joints are normally replaced with metal pistons and gears. Sometimes, metals elements are infused with muscles and tendons.

perfect hand biomechanical tattoos

The popularity of biomechanical art reached to peak level in 1979 when Swiss artist H.R.Giger designed alien creatures in the 1979 feature film Alien. Fans of this film start following this art. They like to get biomechanical tattoo based on this art. Tattoo artist began tattooing images which were taken from the movie. With the increasing name and fame of such art, Tattoo artist Guy Aitchison and Aaron started created their own original biomechanical tattoo designs.

full arm biomechanical tattoos men forearm biomechanical tattoos biomechanical tattoos for arm biomechanical tattoos  for chest

Today, most of biomechanical tattoo designs are based on those tattoo artists designs.the best places to get such tattoos are leg and arm since it is easy to replace bones and muscles of such areas with machines and tools. But it does not mean that you can’t get tattoos on any other area.

chest and arm biomechanical tattoos full arm biomechanical tattoos  designs men skull biomechanical tattoos

Although many tattoo artists are able to copycat the designs but only an expert artist is in a position to create the perfect surrealistic style. The best tattoo is realistic one when it is hard for others to identify whether a person has tattoo or not. Near reality biomechanical tattoo designs can only be created by expert. So, it is good for you to contact a professional whenever you need this kind of tattoo design. Only a professional is in a position to create a design where tools , gears and metal elements are beautifully replaced the exact places of bones and muscles.


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