Show your Music Passion via Music tattoos

guitar tattoo design

Music tattoo is the best way of showing your love and passion for music and songs. Normally, all people love music as it is the best food for soul. Generally, it has been observed that women like to wear single music note tattoos on their wrists and back. When it comes to youngsters then they create tattoo on back side of ear as they think that tattoo on this place make them hot and sexy. Those who are crazy about songs, usually like to get full musical notes tattoos on their full back, ribs and arms. If you want them in an explicit way then it is suggested to get tattoos on arm, ankle, wrist and neck. However, when  you don’t want to reveal your musical passion , you should have ink on back and chest. I would like to shed light on different kinds of music tattoos.

women back music tattoos

Classical Music Tattoos

Most commonly, you see boys and girls have classical music tattoo. Two common signs of traditional music are C-Clefs and F-Clefs. Both signs demonstrate the basic units of the music. You can call them base of music. Some people also like to get a piano keyboard, violin, cello, flute and guitar on their different body parts as these conventional music instruments represents passion for music explicitly.

Clef Tattoos designs
Musical clef Tattoos
Arm Musical Clef Tattoo
F-Clef Music Tattoo
Music C-Clef Tattoo
Musical Clef Tattoo design
Piano tattoo and musical tattoo design
Piano Tattoo design

Modern Music Tattoos

In case you don’t like to try classical music tattoos then you can try modern music tattoos. One can represent latest music through radios, drums, microphones and electric guitars. Interestingly, you can create musical instruments in unique and trendy way. Check some ideas of modern music tattoos below.

guitar tattoo design
Guitar Tattoo

Music Quote Tattoos

Instead of having some musical notes and instruments tattoos on body, you can try something different. Get a musical quote and then ink it properly.There are amazing quote tattoos that you can try. Below you can find two famous musical quotes.

musical quote tattoos
Music Quote Tattoo Woman
musical quote and notes tattoo designs
Musical quote and musical note tattoo



music quote tattoo
Music Quotes

Music Tattoos for Men

Men wear Music tattoo on back side of ear and neck. However, those who are crazy about the songs and singers usually wear musical notes on ribs. Men usually pick some musical quotes and get them inked on upper parts of their backs. Some like colored musical tattoos such as pink and blue. However, usually we observe black inked tattoos as they look graceful and rhythmic.

Musical notes tattoos
Color Music Tattoo
Music Clef Tattoo
C-Clef Tattoo
Music Clef Tattoos design
Musical Clef Tattoo


Music Tattoos for Women

According to art lovers, a woman is poetry in motion; when she moves having a cute musical note or versus tattoo on her ankle. Women should choose the right and lovely place for the music tattoos. The cutest places for inking music tattoo are ankle, wrist and neck. However,if a woman likes to look hot and sexy then she should try top portion of arm, feet, back and shoulder. Music tattoo demonstrate musical passion and love in a lyrical and beautiful way.

music tattoo for women back
Women C-Clef Tattoo


Musical note tattoos for women
black musical note tattoos
Women back music tattoos
Back Musical tattoo


When you are going to get a tattoo then you need to pick right musical tattoo and a right place just to demonstrate your passion in a right and aesthetic way.


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