Super Cool Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Men

black men color mohawk

Do you want to look really cool? Bored from taper and bob cut? I think it is right time to give a try to some wonderful Mohawk hairstyles. Any guy can try these hairstyles yet fact is that these are considered perfectly matched with the personality of black men. You may surprise to know that Mohawk hairstyle depicts clearly that a person who wear it is quite confident about his outlook. Some people avoid this hairstyle as they don’t have much confidence.

Black men big spiky mohawk
Big Spike Mohawk hairstyle for black men

Quick look at Mohawk hairstyle’s history

When you peep into history of this hairstyle then you may come to know that Indians were among the first who worn it.

black men fashional mohawk hairstyle
Chic Mohawk hairstyle for black men

This history clears confusion of those guys who might think that this particular hair cut is originated from United States. Actually, people regarded USA as the harvested land of Mohawk hairstyles since they saw punk rockers in the 70s and 80s with such hair cut.

art work mohawk hairstyles for black men
Artistic Mohawk hairstyle for black men

Wide Assortment of Mohawk Hairstyles

Mohawk hairstyles for black men are of diverse variety and shapes. Some men keep their both side clear while keeping high Mohawks. In some cases, you are able to see some artistic design around Mohawks.

black men mohawk hairstyles
long mohawk hairstyle for black men

You are also able to see some guys who has micro braids around Mohawk.

black men spiky mohawk hairstyle
Spiky Mohawk hairstyles for men


Color Mohawk is a Magnet

Some guys who want to look super unique from other guys often add a color to their Mohawk. You may find easily black, white, pink, purple and other color Mohawk hairstyles all around you. Even you may find some black men with streak Mohawk. According to my viewpoint, the basic reason of Mohawk hairstyle coloring is to grab the attention and nothing more. Fortunately, every black guy who wears colored Mohawk definitely grabs the attention of crowd.

black men color mohawk
Color Mohawk Hairstyles for black men

Mohawk hairstyle Sizes

You can see variation in the sizes of Mohawks. Some black men like to wear long Mohawks while others like short length Mohawk. There are many cases when people think that large Mohawk is better than shorter one. Spiky Mohawk hairstyles are also in the trends nowadays.

Short Mohawk hairstyles
Short Mohawk hairstyle for black men


In simple words, you can see a wide variety of styles and sizes of Mohawk hairstyles for black men. This style adds confidence into their personalities and also make them feel really cool and adorable.

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