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David bekham 10 flower tattoos

The soccer star David Beckham is known for his fashion sense and tattoos as much as his abilities on the playing field. No matter his football capabilities, we are here to talk about his tattoos. The majority of Beckham’s tattoos have been done by Manchester tattooist Louis Malloy one of the most famous in the United Kingdom. We give you a list of popular David Beckham tattoos and their meanings.

First part of his body that went under the tattooing needle was his lower back honoring the birth of his first kid his son Brooklyn which name he tattooed.

Brooklyn tattoo of david
Brooklyn -First Son name Tattoo of David Beckham

Next on the list was his upper back, on which he tattooed a guardian angel designed to watch over at first his son Brooklyn, but later he added couple of more names to the guardian’s task.

Guardian angel tattoo of David beckham
Guardian Angel

David showed his devotion to his wife by tattooing her name in Hindu letters.

Victoria hindi tattoo of david beckham
David’s Victoria Hindi name Tattoo

After his second son was born he added his name above the guardian angel tattoo, who by then saw an addition of wings.

David Beckham Second son name
Romeo-Second Son name tattoo of David Beckham

On his right inner arm he inked a Roman number of “7”, this tattoo has a specific meaning because his shirt number in for England has the same number.

David beckham 7 number tattoo
7 number on Sport T-Shirt

Left and right inner arms, he added 2 tattoos in Roman lettering. “Ut Amem Et Foveam” (So That I love And Cherish) on his left arm and “Perfectio in Spiritu”(Spiritual Perfection) on his right arm.

David beckham Perfectio in Spiritu and Ut Amem Et Foveam tattoos
Left and right Arm tattoos of David beckham

Following the birth of his third son Cruz, he tattoos his name below the guardian angel’s feet.

Son name tattoos of David Beckham
Cruz-Third Son name tattoo of David Beckham

Next on the list was one of the best David Beckham tattoos i.e. a six-inch tattoo of Victoria on his left arm, beneath the tattoo was added “Forever By Your Side”.

David beckham wife name tattoo
Victoria tattoo on hand of David beckham
David forever by your side for victoria
Forever by your Side tattoo for devotion of David’s Wife

To remember his tenth anniversary Beckham tattooed a ring of roses on his left arm “ten roses around my arm for the ten years of marriage”

David bekham 10 flower tattoos
Beckham 10 Flower Tattoos for 10th Anniversary

On the left side of his chest he added a portrait of Jesus and cherubs, but strikingly styled to look like David Beckham, being lifted from his tomb by the cherubs. Rumors circled around that the cherubs were a representation for his three sons.

David beckham jesus and cherubs tattoos
Jesus and Cherubs tattoo design

If you are a big fan of David then it’s time to pick one of these David Beckham tattoos and visit a tattoo master who can create similar tattoo for you.


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