It’s time for you to fly away through Imaginative Wings Tattoos!

beautiful angel wing tattoos for women

Human beings have dreamed to fly in the air so many times and there were few who even tried to fly, using the artificial wings in order to live a life of a free bird. The construction of today’s planes was also inspired by the birds but the only difference is that it’s rather larger in size than the tiny flying creatures. And the second difference to note is that human can’t literally fly without getting board on a plane. We fly though but not with wings and feathers like birds. To rejuvenate that once forgotten dream about human flights like free-willed birds, we can just take help from wings tattoos as they have true meanings to make us please.

beautiful angel wing tattoos for women
Angel Wings

Let’s be a harpy with your tattooed wings and travel through the air with freedom to enjoy your free flight and sight of the nature just above from the sixth sky. What are wings tattoos and how could they help one in achieving their dreams? Wing tattoos have been seen like the best choice when it comes to selecting a sensible, imaginary, and meaningful design for body inking. Most people, particularly first timers, pick a variety of wing tattoos simply because they have several designs, attractions and above all accessibility.  You won’t have to think for a second time if the wing tattoo would be a great choice or not, when chosen the right wing designs, it could pose no side-affect to your impression at all. It would, in fact, add more colors to your life since some certain wing tattoo designs have creative plumes of colors used in the drawing- leaving you colorful, bright, and fresh most times of the week.

colorful butterfly tattoos
Butterfly Wings
demon wings
Demon Wings

The better place for wing tattoos is upper or lower back; you can pick any other location for the design if you don’t want exposing your tattoo by getting it etched on your back.

Four famous types of wing tattoos are as follows:

1.Angel wings Tattoos: Let me tell you a fact that not all wing tattoo designs are of good angels. Though in your philosophy, angels might be personification of good aptitude, honest, and purity but there are few angels which are a mere reflection of devils and demons. So pick your wings very carefully or else you will remorse over the pick later.

angel wing tattoos

angel wings

Angel wings tattoos could be designed in only stencils using black and white colors or be more elaborated in different colors. Their personal is most commonly used in the depiction of a scenery, fantasy, legendary story or natural background. However, wings alone do make a lot of sense.

Tattoos of angel wings

Meaning of angel wings tattoos could vary from one individual to another. We all want to live a life free of stress and depression; the image of wings sometimes is an inspiration of the beauty this world carries. In other words, life is not a bed of roses though but with the angel wings we can surely learn how to fly off freely even though the destination is too far to get by.

2.Demon wings tattoos: Some people are brave enough to face the darkness of life with ease and these are those who have vigor to spark an open fight or war with the evil powers as they already have lethal weapons inside their soul. Wings of a demon may have some religious reference or symbolism, in generally they are etched to conceal or reveal the evil powers existing inside everyone.

demon wings and skull

tattoos of demon wings

demon wings tattoos

3.Fairy wings tattoos: Fairies have been associated with an imaginary world where flowers can talk, trees can walk and leaves can sing. You might not have heard of such an illusionary description of the fairy tale’s world ever before but there is no smoke without fire. All stories about fairies may have an ounce of true to them. The persona of fairies is often described with beautiful words as if they are born to be adored all the time. If you have a good, imaginary side of you which compels you to help others and be always available whenever a loved ones needs you- fairy wing tattoo could be a right choice.

wing tattoos of fairy fairy wing tattoos for women

4.Butterfly wings tattoos: Happiness sometimes looks like a butterfly, flies around us and is always circulating here and there but is not easy to catch. Butterfly wings tattoos are more or less an attribution to the beauty of the nature which is full of colors.


red butterfly tattoos designs cute butterfly tattoos butterfly wing tattoos for women

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