Time to try 10 Simple and Hot Red Nails Designs

red zebra print nail art designs

Red is the best color for winter, girls love to wear red in this season. It’s good to wear red and then to try hot red nails designs. Good thing is that these designs are quite simple and don’t take much time. Any girl with a little effort can make amazing designs. Let’s have a look at 10 great red nail art designs.

1.Red heart French Tip

What is common is to make white French tip but what is uncommon is to make red heart French tip on any light color base polish.

red heart french tip nail art

2.Classic Gold heart on red nails

Need a chic nail art idea? Your task is to apply red nail polish on all nail. Next thing is to pick gold nail art marker and make a stunning heart design on your nails.

red gold heart nail art designs

3.Red dotted and heart nail design

Red and white is a classic combination of colors. You need to make the most from this combination. Your task is to apply red on every nail and then to use white nail marker to make dots and little heart. It is simple red nails art for you.

easy red nail art for beginners

4.Pokemon style white and red nails

We all love to play pokemon, so it’s good to grab its theme on nails. Apply red and white polish in half-half manner. Now it’s time to use black nail polish in the middle to give your theme a perfect finish.

pokemon simple nail art designs

5.Black and red Leopard Style nail art

Leopard nail art design are quite famous among girls. They look simply wonderful. Apply red as a base and make leopard body marks with black nail polish.  It is indeed the beautiful red nails design for you.

black red leopard nail art

6.Red blood shed nail art

Apply white as a base color of nails and then drop red nail polish on it just like blood splashes. Try this kind of nail art on Halloween.

red nail art designs for beginners

7.Red and white flower nails designs

It’s indeed fun to make flower on your nails. Apply red nail polish as a base and then make white flower on it with your white nail art pen.

red and white flower designs nail art

8.Red and golden nail art designs

Need some simple nail art design for party? Mix red with glittery gold. Apply red on all nails and then take a foam piece and dip it into gold glittery nail polish. Tap foam on half portion of red nails just to grab ombre effect.

red gold nail art designs

9.Red and Black Bow design nail art

Apply red polish on the base. Now you have to make a black French tip. Now use white polish to make polka dots in black tip. Don’t forget to accentuate red nails design with white bow nail accessory.

red black and white dotted nail art designs

10.Red Zebra print nail art

Girls love to make zebra printing, you can try the same. Divide nails diagonally, with some stripes. Apply red polish on half nail and white on another half. Make zebra print with a nail art brush dipped into black polish.

red zebra print nail art designs

Would you like to try these simple red nails design at home? Share with us.



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