Time to Wear Curly hairstyles with 5 Chic Ways

ponytail hairstyles

Do you want to add charm into your persona? You need to give a try to different curly hairstyles.  There is no need to wear curls only in one simple way all the time. You should try to diversify it in many different ways. Today, I’m here to share some really great hairstyling ideas with you. That’s mean you can boost up your style and charm by giving diverse angles to your hair. Let’s check what I have for you.

Sleek and Curly style

You don’t have to get curls from high to low hair strand instead you should go for lower strands style. The job of getting this style would not be really hard. You would be in a position to have it done after 15-20 minutes. When you have heavy hair volume then you should try to get curls after separating hair strands. On the other hands, you need to combine thick strands for giving voluminous look to your overall curl hairstyle.

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Making Layers

Another great idea to try is to first get a layered haircut and then opt for curly style. In this way, you will see some edges in your overall style and such edges make your look super promising. No doubt, layered cut bring a stunning change into your overall face cut. Girls who get bored from usual look and need a chic change should consider adding some layers. Razor cut style seems great most of the time as it also make you super bold.

layered style

Casual Girl Look

Formal curly hairstyle is good only for formal events like wedding and other get-togethers. You can not try such style on daily basis or for work place. In such scenario, you should consider making soft curls. For this purpose, take a bit of styling cream not gel in your palm and then rub it a bit thoroughly in your hair. Take your tool and complete this job. While you are making curls, you should not make them really tight. Keep them loose just to grab soft hairstyle look. Interestingly, you can also use your hair iron, in case you don’t have wand or curling tool.

simple style idea

Create sophisticated Charm

Again this idea is good for formal event. Don’t need to open your curls all the time when you can look simply charming with an intricate hair updo. This means you need to make a great combination of braiding and curls. Simple three strand braid seems like a good idea as it doesn’t take much time and you can create it really easily. Almost every girl knows how to make it. The sophisticated look would be achieved by accumulating multiple braids into your main style.

braided hairstyles hair updo

Low and High Ponytails

Using hair iron before a ponytail is indeed a common style practice, which can be avoided easily by making some curls before wrapping your hair into an elastic ponytail. Now it’s totally your choice to wrap your hair up or down in high or low ponytail form. Low seems casual while high looks quite formal. Both curly hairstyles are dashing try any one.

ponytail hairstyles

I have shared some style ideas that would make your look super charming. In case you are going to attend a special event then you can surely use hair accessories just to look adorable.ig


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