Time to Try Eye-Catching Cooper Cat Eye Makeup

cat eye makeup

Do you need super glam look? It could be achieved if you give your best try to a killer cooper cat eye makeup. Brown cat eyes have become very common, so it is time to deviate from a traditional look. Get a smooth and classy appearance with the mean of this makeup. Below you can find step-by-step guide of this makeup.

cat eye makeup


A list of Things you will need

Here are five main things you need in this makeup. Good thing is that you don’t need to buy anything because all such items are available in our makeup box all the time. Check the list below.

  • Brown liquid liner
  • Copper eye shadow
  • Copper eyeliner
  • Black eyeliner
  • Brow pencil

steps of cooper cat eye makeup

Tutorial of Cooper Cat Eye Makeup

You have to follow 4 simple steps for getting this wonderful look.


Step No.1 Line your Eyes with Brown Liner

Pick a brown liquid line and then start lining your eyes from innermost corner of your eyes. You have to trace your upper lash line in a very smooth way and when you hit the outer corner of your eye then you have to create a tail.

Step No.2 Apply Cooper Eye Shadow

Take a soft eye brush, dip it in water and then run it over cooper eye shadow. Now you need to outline brown liquid liner on your eyelid.

Step No.3 Line your lower Lash Line

You need to apply brown or light cooper color stay eyeliner on your lower lash line. Once your brown line gets dry then you have to pick black liner and run it under over your brown line.

Step No.4 Fill your Brows

If you want to give a perfect finish to your overall makeup then you have to pick brow pencil and then to fill some white spots of your arches. It is good to pick light shade of brow pencil just to get a magical look. Choose lighter shade than your natural brow color.Your task is to set the frame of your eyes perfectly.

Hurrah! You have done with cooper cat eye makeup. Go and get this killer eyes look now.

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