Top 5 Popular Hairstyles of Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart long layers

Many girls are taking inspiration from Kristen Stewart when it comes to hair styling. This inspiration is legit because “Bella of Twilight” always wears the best and the most adorable hairstyle. She is different from other celebrities who often like to wear a hairstyle that give them a clear and professional look. Actually, Kristen likes to get a style that is not only different but also very in-formal. You may observe that she comes with a less formal style even in formal parties. We are not going to start a debate on Kristen Stewart hairstyles but our intention is to highlight Top 5 Popular Hairstyles of Kristen Stewart.

1. Loose Wavy Hairstyles

According to hair expert of Stewart, actress doesn’t like to wear heavy style. She gives a due preference to loose Wavy Hairstyle. You know very well that “Loose Waves Style” is also tagged as “Signature Hairstyle of Kristen Stewart”, as she is among those actresses who love to get a less formal look via wavy hairstyle. The female fans of Kristen love this style and they often search for the way with which they can get the same style with a little effort. In reality, loose wavy hairstyle is easy to adopt. You can find many videos online that demonstrate simple steps of attaining loose waves just like Kristen Stewart.

Loose wavy hairstyle of kristen stewart
Signature loose wavy hairstyle

2. Flirty Bangs

Another famous hairstyle of Stewart is flirty bangs. It is a fact that this style enhances overall beauty of this actress. Some fans say that they always like to see Kristen with her bangs. They think this style suits her more than loose waves. Well, every person has his own viewpoint; some like wavy style while other give vote to flirty bangs.

Bangs hairstyle of Kristen Stewart
Flirty Bangs of Bella

3. Long Layers Hairstyles

Blonde long layers hairstyle makes Kristen Stewart a “real darling”. She looks very cute and innocent in this style. You may have seen some films in which she is wearing the same style but with honey or dark brown hair color. Even there are cases when she flipped out the layers just to get a heart melting look.

Kristen Stewart long layers
Long layers hairstyle

4. Blonde/Honey Updo

Although Kristen likes to opt for an informal look all the time yet sometimes she adopts formal look with updo. Again there are some events when she came with messy updo. One time she also came with an updo having a great height.

Kristen stewart updo hairstyle
Blonde Formal Updo

5. Formal Long Straight Hair

She attended many formal events with formal long straight hair. She often keeps her hair at left side to show her right side shoulder. When she does this then her high volume of hair at one side boosts up and adds charm into her killer look.

kristen stewart straight long hair
Formal long straight hairstyle

So, which hairstyle of Kristen Stewart you like the most? Don’t wait, share with us.

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