Tree Tattoos that will leave you breathless

women colorful tree tattoo

Tattooing have been around for centuries in many countries, especially in Asia, and then spread around the world. One of the oldest people that practiced tattooing were the indigenous people of Japan. Tattooing for them has been a way of life. For example women reached an age of 12 they tattooed the arms, lips and hands, on. When they reached age of 16 they were considered as adults and thus their tattoos were completed making them able to get married. Sailors. Prisoners and bikers. Tattoos in the Western world were a symbol of the outcast and the rebel- a certain kind of a macho culture, while nowadays is just an everyday thing. There are a lot of conventions and fairs that attract thousands of people that want to get and see amazing designs. You can find various designs from dragons, skull tattoos, tree tattoos and a lot more. Tattoos are so popular now; even “normal” people want to have them. Lawyers, doctors, bankers, you name it, they all have them.

Tree Tattoo design for front body
Front tattoo of Tree

Tree tattoos and their meanings
In ancient times trees were considered as sacred things and some cultures worshipped them as gods. The trees were considered long lasting and resilient and that were meant to survive for a very long time making them a sign of strength in some cultures.

women colorful tree tattoo
Colorful tree tattoo for women back

Their meanings can vary
Trees play a very important role in a variety of different cultures throughout history. Most trees are considered as a symbol of life, but tree tattoos can symbolize quite a few different meanings. This usually depends on the type of tree that you want to tattoo. In some ancients cultures the tree tattoo can represent one’s social rank depending on the tattoo, as they were considered sacred.

Arm Tattoo of Oak tree
Oak Tree Tattoo for Arm

Amazing tree of life tattoos
Tree of life tattoos can be designed in many ways. The tree of life is a popular tattoo symbol worn by both man and women. Tree of life tattoos are designed in various shapes, sizes and colors.

men tree tattoos
Tree Tattoos for men

The most looked after tree of life tattoos
The Willow tree
The Willow tree tattoo boosts represents both symbolism and beauty. They are typically emphasizing on a change of some kind. Generally the change is dramatic, even life changing.

Sleeve tattoo of willow tree
Willow tree tattoo for sleeve
back tattoo of willow tree
Willow tree tattoo for back

The tree of Gondor
Both the book and the movie The Lord of the Rings have inspired thousands if not millions of fans getting the Tree of Gondor tattoo. There are two variations of it one is the tree with a crown symbolizing the country of Gondor with a king on their side and one without the crown.

Tattoo design of Gondor tree
Arm Gondor Tree tattoo desig

The Bonsai tree
Bonsai is an ancient Chinese art of growing small tree, which began over a millennia ago. The actual definition for “bonsai” is Japanese meaning “ placed in a container”, the word was taken from the Chinese word “pun-sai” which describes the technique or practice of growing trees in flowerpots. The Bonsai tree tattoo however symbolizes life.

Arm bonsai tree tattoo
Bonsai tree tattoo for arm
Bonsai tree back tattoo
Back tattoo of Bonsai tree

Tree of life and its deepest meanings
The symbols of the tree can vary from one culture to another, but every one of them symbolize the eternity and life , wisdom and knowledge, strength and forgiveness. In many tattoos, the tree is drawn with its roots and branches twisted together, symbolizing its power.

Tattoo of Real tree of life
Real Tree of Life Tattoo

Celtic tree of life tattoos and the mysteries behind them
The Celts have beliefs that the trees are living things and that every tree has a soul. The Celtic tree of life tattoos are very popular, and they are very unique tattoos. They symbolize the circle of life, the complete journey of life with its branches and roots twisted together. Since the Celtic tree of life tattoo is a Celtic symbol, usually it is designed with knots and mazes, their art often implements continuous design that never cross or end. Some of the most popular tattoos are:

Celtic tree tattoo for women
Simple tattoo of Celtic tree

Harmony of life
This colorful tattoo of the Celtic tree of life is showing the harmony and coexistence of every life form on this planet.

celtic tree meaning
Harmony of life celtic tree tattoo

The Balance of life
The design of this Celtic tree of Life tattoo is very intricate because of its three way roots and branches colliding and making a lovely tattoo despite its simple black color.

balance of life tree tattoo design
Balance of life Celtic tree tattoo
meaning of celtic tree tattoo
Balance of Life Celtic tree back tattoo design

The real Tree of Life
The bright green design of this Tree of Life tattoo looks full of life as if the tree is real, one of the most looked after tattoo designs.

Celtic tree tattoo
Tattoo of Celtic Tree

Cherry blossom tattoos
Cherry blossom tattoos are some of the most popular tattoos for women at the moment. In Asian cultures, there cherry blossom trees have different meanings.

Cherry Blossom arm tattoos
Arm tattoo design of Cherry Blossom
Women Cherry blossom tattoo
Cherry Blossom tree tattoo for women

The Chinese symbol of cherry blossom
The Chinese have thought the cherry blossom holds a symbol of power, but it also represents the feminine beauty, and often the symbol of love.

Chinese symbol cherry blossom tree
Cherry Blossom tree tattoo with Chinese symbol

The Japanese symbol of cherry blossom
In the Japanese culture it represents mortality and how short the life can be. This concept connects with the Buddhism philosophy that all life is suffering and transitory.

Japanese symbols with cherry Blossom tree tattoos
Japanese Symbol Cherry Blossom tattoo
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