Trend of Liberty Spikes is Emerging among Youngsters in 2014

green and yellow liberty spikes

America is a place for free man , every person has a right to do what he likes to do. Statue of Liberty in New York is an icon for freedom and warmly welcomes every immigrants of United States. Liberty Spikes styling get its name from Statue of Liberty though this hairstyle is also known as punk. This hairstyle is quite popular among metro sexual and pop-punk fans.

youth liberty spikes

History of Liberty Spikes/Punk hairstyle

Liberty Spikes hairstyling has its root in Ancient Britons. Warriors washed their long spiky hair in lime water that bleached their hair into blonde shade. This hairstyle was symbolized as a badge of honor and manhood.Celts wore this hairstyle and they weren’t allowed to cut short or trim their long spikes until they had killed their enemies. However, this hairstyle was replaced with short Roman haircuts just after Britain defeat.

yellow liberty spikesblack liberty spikes for men

In 1970, this hairstyle again caught on among British when punk subculture started wearing messy and choppy hair just to react again long smooth hairstyles of hippies and disco fans. In the beginning, liberty spikes were small in length however their length increased to one foot in 1980s. Followers of Goth subcultures also worn Liberty Spikes of black shade not that of unnatural color spikes that are usually worn by punk rockers.

colorful liberty spikes for men

Liberty Spike Demand Daily Maintenance

If you are ready to wear this hairstyle then you should keep in mind that you have to do maintenance of this hairstyle on daily basis. Your spikes get flat when you sleep. Some hairstyles of liberty spikes disturb you a lot when you take rest at night. One of them is Crown in which front spikes resemble with crown of Statue of Liberty. You need to use good hairstyling product for forming and keeping exact shapes of spikes.

crown liberty spikes for men

There are two common kinds of liberty spike hairstyle. In one kind, thick spikes are formed with hair while all spikes point up in the same direction. In another kind, your thick spikes radiate outward in all directions like the rays of sun. If you think that it is an easy styling option then you might be wrong. When you wake up in the morning, you have to work on your spikes for getting the perfect liberty look.

green and yellow liberty spikes

Colored Liberty Spikes for Punk Culture Fans

If you are a big fan of punk culture, you surely need to dye your hair in some unnatural color such as purple, burgundy, red, pink, parrot, etc. It is always advisable to choose a color that looks good with your complexion. There is no need to follow a trend blindly.

yellow trendy liberty spikes for men

Liberty Spike hairstyle for Girls

Boys aren’t alone in following punk subculture; girls are also love to wear liberty spikes with different shades. Some girls like to get small spikes while other go for extra long spikes that radiate either to one direction or all direction. Sometimes girls take inspiration from entertainment industry celebrities who also wear liberty spikes or Mohawk hairstyle in their concerts and shows.

purple liberty spikesyoung girlliberty spikes and mohawk

This year, we observe that trend of liberty spike hairstyling has started emerging again among youngsters. Many punk rockers fans rocked 2014 New Year parties with colorful and unique liberty spike hairstyles. Guys and girls worn different shades spikes just to add some life into this special event.

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