Trendy A-List Celebrity Hairstyles at V Festival 2014

lily allen fringe hairstyle

Want to know how to style your hair in the best way this year? I think you need to get inspiration from popular celebrity hairstyles. Celebrities know how to wear a particular hairstyle in the cool way. Today, I’m here to grab your attention toward celebrity fashion and hairstyles at V Festival 2014. So, let’s dig down these hairstyling now.

Lily Allen’s Pink Purple Hair

At V Festival 2014, Lily appeared with pink and purple locks that twisted into rope braid. You would love to see pink and purple Minnie Mouse ears that frame her face. She brought out her beauty with by lining her beautiful eyes with glitter. In another picture, you can see bejeweled eye makeup of this cute girl.

lilly allen minnie mouse hairstyles lilly allen hairstyles

Pixie Lott’s Double Waterfall Braid

Pixie grabbed attention at V Festival not only due to her performance but also because of her wonderful double waterfall braid styled by Holly Rudge. MAC makeup makeup artist Rachel O’Donnell  made her eyes pop by soft lower lashes and glittery eyeshadow.

pixie lot dual waterfall braid

Rita Ora’s Fringe hair

Rita Ora’s first look at V Festival was simply fantastic. She wore a polka straight, fringed wig along with classic sex kitten makeup. On second day, she appeared with a pearl-encrusted ponytail hairstyle, that was one of the popular celebrity hairstyles.

rita ora jeweled hair

Lily Allen’s Fringe hair

Lily Allen changed her fringe hairstyles along with nails at V Festival 2014. She has glitter star on her temple while rainbow nail art design enhanced her beauty.

lily allen fringe hairstyle

Katy B wonderful Hairstyles

Katy impressed her with two stunning hairstyle. She first appeared with her stunning ginger locks that were styled into a 90s-esque high ponytail. On second day, she amazed us with  a bohemian halo braid.

v festival 2014 hairstyles of katy b

Jess Glynne’s Wavy locks

Jess’ curly auburn locks are among the best celebrity hairstyles. She came with natural look at this festival.

jess wavy hairstyles

Ella Eyre Formal curls

Ella Eyre looked wonderful with perfect formal curls and bold ombre color. She is looking simply fantastic.

ella curly locks

Ellie Goulding’s Bindi and locks

Ellie set cute bindi on her forehead and open wavy locks, just to get a really magical look.

ellie bindi and hairstyle

Rita Ora’s halo braid 

Rita brought a chic and unique way of wearing halo braids at V Festival 2014. She extended the braid from her crown all the way down each side of her long hair extensions.

rita ora braided hairstyle

Iggy Azalea’s faux undercut braid

Iggy hairstyles are considered as applause-worthy celebrity hairstyles. Her performance was as magical as her hairstyle was. She appeared with a faux-undercut braid and ponytail combo. She got the best hairstyle finish with a super-high quiff.

iggy azalea braided hairstyle

Rita Ora’s top knot 

Looking for the best way to wear top knot? Don’t look here and there because Rita gave the perfect idea at V Festival 2014 with her chic top knot.

rita ora top knot at V festival 2014

Daisy Lowe

Daisy appeared with semi-formal hairstyle. She got chunky side plaits that made her adorable.

daisy french braid hairstyle

Laura Whitmore

Laura told us how to wear trendy hair accessories in the right way. She set Minnie Mouse ears headband into her stylish medium hair.

laura whitmore hairstyles 2014

Ellie Goulding

Ellie gave a magical boho twist to her signature down do with random placed plaits. She also fixed another stylish bindi for her second appearance.

ellie hairstyles at v festibal 2014

Cressida Bonas

Cressida loved to appear with a street style. She wore the hat while her beanie-top pigtails looked amazing.

festival street hairstyles

Jaime Winstone

If you want to try trendy bun then you can copy cat  90s pigtail buns of Jaime. She complemented this hairstyle with funglasses.

minnie mouse hairstyle of jaime

I know you would like to try some of these popular celebrity hairstyles of V Festival 2014. Don’t wait, try them now.

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