Try some Cute Prom hairstyles for short hair

Prom Elegant bangs

The prom hairstyles for short hair can be described as neat and tidy, well structured and tailored. They include sliced razor-cuts, short layered styles, pixies and waves. These hairstyles can be relatively easy to make, but require small effort depending on hair’s texture. Usage of hair products to aid and assist shaping on these hairstyles can be crucial.
Pixie hairstyle
You don’t have to be celebrity to have glamorous hair on your prom night. Pixie hairstyles are one of the best prom hairstyles for short hair, as their sweet charm is great for a lot of occasions from day to day wear to weddings even prom! You can add some girly accessories to your pixie haircut such as sparkly barrettes, flowers or a headband opposing to your hair color. This is a great way to take your style to a whole different level and stand out at your prom night.

Pixie hairstyles for Prom
Stylish Pixie hairstyle for Prom Party
Pixie hair cut for prom
Prom Pixie
Cute pixie hairstyle for Prom
Cute Pixie hairstyle
Pixie hairstyle idea
Prom Pixie hairstyle

Copper colored layered hairstyle
Some of the best looking prom hairstyles for short hair is the copper colored hairstyle in layers. The deep copper color on this hairstyle almost glows, the hair is cut short at the neck with long and soft length cut forward to the jawline. The layers keep the look complete and bangs help frame the face. The result of this haircut is chic and modern silhouette and a killer hairstyle everybody would like to have.

Prom layer hairstyle for short hair
Short hair layer for Prom
layers for Prom
Pixie Layers for Prom


Prom cute cooper color layers
Cooper layers for prom
Prom cooper color layers
Cooper color layers for Prom

Curly side bun
As many think it isn’t possible to make hair short hair look longer we can persuade you differently. You can give yourself the look of an updo without having the length typically associated with that. This ravishing asymmetrical hairstyle would be perfect to make your hair look different. Usage of pins and hairspray is the key to having this hairstyle worth to die for!

Curly bun for prom
Short hair curly bun
Prom curly updo
Short hair curly updo
Prom retro updo for short hair
Retro updo for Prom
bun for short hair
Curly messy bun for Prom

Swept away bangs
Here is another smashing example of asymmetrical hairstyle. One side is tapered severely shorter then the other, with a deep parting. Hair is cut to the cheek bone on one side and tapered at the neck. This hairstyle is also using bangs to frame the face and super silky strands to complete the look  and give you truly amazing hairstyle.

Prom Side Swept bangs
Side Swept Bangs for Prom
shaded bangs for prom
Short hair Shaded bangs
Prom Brown bangs
Brown Shaded bangs for Prom
Prom Elegant bangs
Stylish Bangs for Prom
Prom red bangs
Red Shaded bangs for Prom
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