Unique and Creative Half sleeves tattoos

Sleeve tattoo of Valerie Vargas

Have you been considering a half sleeved tattoo? Until recently tattoos weren’t socially acceptable and getting half sleeved or even full tattoos was reserved for the more hardcore tattoo enthusiast and tattoo artists, because they didn’t have to worry about their jobs and their social status. Regardless nowadays tattoos are socially accepted by everyone more than ever before. In the section below we are going to answer some questions about half sleeve tattoos and sleeved tattoos in general, so that you can get the best tattoo design.

Sleeve tattoo of Valerie Vargas
Valerie Vargas Tattoo for Sleeves

What are sleeved tattoos?
A sleeve tattoo is a tattoo design that is drawn on your arm, which will cover the area of your arm completely with the design of your choosing.

men half sleev flower tattoo
half sleeve flower tattoo for women

Different types of sleeved tattoos
There are three types of sleeved tattoos: full sleeves, half sleeves and a quarter sleeve tattoos. Thee full sleeve tattoo goes from your shoulder to the wrist, a half sleeve goes from your shoulder to elbow and the quarter sleeved tattoos are drawn from your wrist to the center of your forearm, also there are quarter sleeve tattoos that can be drawn on your shoulder too.

sleeves dragon tattoos
Dragon Tattoo for men sleeves

Right design may be a difference between success and utter failure
Discovering the right design you want may be frustrating, as people invest a lot of time and effort into find their favorite tattoo design, but this is all the wrong approach. If you want a tattoo that you are going to love, and do not regret you’ve put, you should set up priorities.
What do you want the sleeves tattoos to represent?
Different kinds of tattoos have different meanings, and can represent different symbols. Tattoos may be memorial, or even state something about your character and even desires.

men sleeve horse and flower tattoo
Horse and flower Tattoos for sleeve

Combine different designs into the tattoo
You can merge different designs into the tattoo giving it a distinguished look, most tattoo artists will be grateful when you give them a hint and a material they can work on.
Choosing the right Sleeves tattoos artists
This is certainly one of the most important stages in getting the perfect tattoo. You should find a tattoo artist that will take some time to utilize your ideas and draw a sample design of the tattoo, which of course if you like it will go as the final tattoo design.
There are a lot of half sleeved intrigued designs, and we are going to present you with the best of the best.

women sleev bird tattoos
Bird tattoo design for women sleeve

Flower Sleeves tattoos in all their glory
There are hundreds of beautiful flower tattoos, amongst them some of the most appealing is the Sakura flower. There are thousands of flower tattoos but some of the more famous one are the flowers like orchids, roses, Chrysanthemum, lilies hibiscus.

women flower tattoo designs
flower tattoo designs for women
sleeve flower tattoos
flower tattoos for women’s sleeves
sleeve flower tattoos
Red and Black Flower tattoos design

The cutest animal tattoos
One of the best half sleeve tattoos are the animal tattoos. They can have various designs, such as butterflies as the most popular. There are other animal designs like the dragonfly, your favorite pets etc.

Sleeves seahorse tattoo designs
Seahorse tattoo designs for sleeves
men sleeves elephant tattoo
elephant face tattoo designs for sleeves
men sleeve owl tattoo
owl tattoo design
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