Use Color of Life for MultiColor Makeup Art

purple multicolor makeup art

Girls who like to play with colors often dig into the web to browse multicolor makeup. Interestingly, they are able to grab countless ideas for this specific kind of makeup. Your task is to know how to make the most from the multiple colors at the same time. Fact is that it is quite easy to work with a single shade. Just apply an eye shade of your choice and blend it smoothly on eyes. However, you need makeup artist skill when you are going to try multicolor makeup art. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that a makeup artist become professional or expert through practice, definitely. So, you shouldn’t stop yourself, go ahead and know how to artistically apply different shades on your eyes at the same time.No matter you are an expert or amateur makeup artist, you can get inspirational ideas of multicolor makeup below.

multicolor makeup art for girls

Electric Blue Multi-color Makeup

Want to look really different? Try electric blue and dark purple along with some other colors to get a terrific look. Makeup artist didn’t hesitate to apply electric bluish and green color beyond eye brow area of model and no doubt, he did this task in a very professional manner. You wouldn’t notice any glitch. This makeup is complemented with rose red glossy lipstick.

electric blue multicolor makeup artShocking Multi-color Makeup art

If you love to use dark shades then you can surely try this multicolor makeup art. Your task is to apply layers of different dark shades such as shocking pink , turquoise, light pink, orange, etc. Always use thick false eye lashes to enhance this makeup look. Shocking pink lipstick is used to get a fantastic finish.

multicolor makeup artGreen and Yellow Makeup Art

If you don’t want to mix up different colors at the same place. You can use different colors to enhance different parts of upper eyelid. As you can see, lower part of upper-eye lid has dark yellow shade while corners of this shade is intensified through black eye shadow. Green shades are used on the side of eye brows while Lavender blusher is employed to enhance cheek bones.Lavender lipstick harmonize this makeup to a great extent.

green, yellow and pink multi makeupYellow Multi-Color Makeup Art

This makeup art is completely inspired from yellow Macaw parrot. Makeup artist used yellow, blue, pink and white color on eyes. While light blue shade is used to enhance the look of eye brows. Fuchsia lipstick is used to complement this wonderful yellow macaw themed makeup.

yellow multicolor makeup

Purple Multicolor Makeup Art

It is indeed really easy to copy this multicolor eye makeup. You can need to divide your eyes in 7 equal rectangular shape and then to start filling each rectangular area with your favorite color.Once you done with multicolor eye makeup, you need to proceed with multicolor lip makeup. Apply purple lipstick as a base and then start applying different eye shades diagonally on this base.

purple multicolor makeup artBluish Multicolor Makeup Art

One of the good ideas for multicolor makeup is to make use of bluish purple and yellow gold color. As you can see, one eye of model has purple bluish shade while other has yellow gold eye shadow. One eye brow is shaded with brown color while dark purple color is applied on second eyebrow. When it comes to lipstick, model first applied purple lipstick and then use blue shade over it.


purple bluish makeup artSo, are you ready to paint your face with different colors of life??

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