Valentine’s Day Tattoos:Get Romantic Ink on Body

love tattoo design

Love birds have started planning for their big romantic day i.e. Valentine’s day, which is just a month away from us. According to tattoo artists, they have started booking for romantic tattoos and they are getting good response. Girls who are crazy about their lovers usually like to have romantic ink on their body. Normally, love birds prefer to get same kind or style of romantic tattoos on their bodies. In case you want to celebrate this big day in a special way then you should take an appointment from your city famous tattoo artist, who will charge a few bucks and let you have a sensational and emotional body tattoo . In case you are searching for some ideas for Valentine’s Day tattoos then it’s me who will help you in this regard. Let’s start getting some amazing ideas.

Love Tattoos

It is among the most common Valentine’s day tattoo design that is worn by people who are hit by cupid’s arrow. Instead of getting a usual love tattoo design, you can make some changes in the design. Love tattoo on neck is quite common. Two hearts on both sides of love tattoo look astonishing.

love tattoo designLove tattoo on finger indeed look very cute. Girls can try this valentine’s day tattoo idea just to attract their lovers.

love tattoo with heart for girlsBoy who has decided to pop up a question on upcoming Valentine’s day can let his hand express his inner feelings to her with love tattoo on hand.

love tattoo on handFlower Tattoos

On Valentine’s day, boys and girls send red flowers to each other. Smell of flower on early morning tells a boy what his sweetheart is thinking about her and what exactly she wants from him. Therefore, you can try flower tattoo design on this special day. Boys can try flower tattoo on arm as they can easily show this place to her without any tattoo on ribs for valentineA girl can get flower tattoo on neck. When it comes to flower selection then it is good to pick red hot flower or some colorful pink and red flower design for tattooing. He would surely like this rose tattoo surprise as it would express your utmost love for him.

rose tattoo for valentine's dayLover Names Tattoo

One of the romantic ways of expressing love for each other is to have lover name ink on body. Arm is the best part of body where you can get her name and she would get your name.

lovers name tattoo design


lover name tattoo designsInstead of writing full name on arms, you can write initials. Join initials with heart and get it on neck.

lover name tattoo on neckWrist is another place where you can ink his name and he would ink your name. Take a heart tattoo and write his name in the middle and he will do the same. Your tattoo designs should be same.

lover name tattoo designLove Promise Tattoo

It is indeed one of the cutest and the most romantic tattoo design I ever find. This tattoo represents love devotion through a promise.

love promise tattoo designLove Quotes, Phrases and Messages

A unique way of expressing love and affection for each other is get love quote ink on body. You are able to find numerous quotes online. Just your task is to pick one and have it on your arm or a place of your choices.

arm tattoo with love quoteThose who think love is everything for them, normally pick “Love is all” phrase.

love messge tattoo on footLove messages can be written on one another arms or wrist just to express your emotions.

love message tattoo designSome people like to get love messages on their ankles. It’s a unique place to have a few drops of romantic ink but those like unique ideas always try this Valentine’s day tattoo design.

love quite tattoo designs

Connected Heart Tattoos

Love affects your heart, so why don’t you express your inner feelings through heart tattoos. Connected heart tattoo designs are quite robust option to try for. Check some examples of this kind of Valentine’s Day tattoos below:

As you can see, there are two parts of one heart, each part is inked on a lover’s arm. When both keep their arms side by side, then heart tattoo get completed. This is a perfect way of showing that “I’m incomplete without you”.

heart connect tattoo for girl friend“Follow me, I’ll Follow You”. It is another way of expressing love and affection for one another.Boy friend and girl friend will have half part of heart and when they get their arms close to one another then heart get completed.

arm valentine's day tattooCute connected hearts on wrist. Two hearts when get connected then it demonstrates “true love”.

two hearts connected tattooSingle Heart Tattoos

Boys and girls who don’t like to pay anything to tattoo artist usually create single heart tattoo on different parts of their bodies. Let’s start exploring best places for this kind of heart tattoo design.

Girl Friend Finger heart Tattoo

heart tattoo for finger for girls

Girl heart tattoo on Face

heart tattoo on faceBoy Friend heart tattoo on Finger

finger heatr tattoo designs for boys Heel Heart tattoo

heal heart tattoo designs for loversArm heart tattoo for boys

arm heart tattoos for boys Wrist heart tattoo design

wrist heart tattoo for girlsheart tattoos on wrist fo loversTrue Love Scrabble Tattoo

We all love to play scrabble, so let’s get an idea from it. Write true love on your fingers in a scrabble style. When you will waive your hand in front of your sweetheart, she would definitely interpret your message in a right way.

True love Tattoo for Boys

true love tattoo for boys True Love Tattoo Design for Girls

true love tattoos for fingers for girlsBird with Heart Tattoo: Love Messenger

People who find it hard to express their feeling in front of their lovers usually take help from bird with heart tattoos.It is a fact that girls hesitate to tell their boy friends what they are thinking about them. Therefore, they go for this kind of Valentine’s Day tattoos.

bird with heart tattoo on foot

Cute Bird with Red Heart


bird with heart tattoo for girls

 Colorful Heart Tattoo Design

Girls who want some colors into their tattoo design can go for colorful heart tattoo on this Valentine’s day. They can add as many colors as they want in their Valentine’s day tattoos.

colorful heart tattoo for valentine's dayBack shoulder Heart Tattoo with Wings

heart tattoo with wings for loversI have provided you complete list of Valentine’s day tattoos designs. Now you are free to pick one design from this finest collection and get some romantic ink on your body.

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