Vintage Wedding Hairstyles

vintage hairstyle for wedding

If your big day is not very far then you can think about vintage hairstyles. These styles make you feel like a princesses on your special day.

vintage hairstyles for wedding
Vintage hairstyles

Retro Is In For Hair Too!

Vintage hairstyles are back in fashion, and they can work just perfectly as your wedding day’s do, too.

If you’re looking for inspiration, you can take a page from the glamorous and romantic wedding hairstyles of the days long gone. You are guaranteed to wow everyone on your big day !!!!

casual hair bun for vintage wedding
Casual vintage wedding hairstyle

Blast From The Past

Chanel a 40s vixen with rich waves and victory rolls to bring some Old Hollywood glamor to your wedding day. If you have bangs, you can wear them rolled under. Or, go all the way by wearing a vintage bridal hat. This hairstyle works on short hair too.

wedding vintage updo
Vintage updo for wedding
Vintage hairstyles for wedding
Vintage hairstyles for wedding

A simple chignon, with or without bangs, can be made special by adding a sparkling headband or an elegant hair clip – or a flower, why not? You can additionally opt for a birdcage veil, pearls, or a crystal clip in your hair. Feathers in your hear will give you a touch of eccentricity.

Curly updo for vintage wedding
Wedding curly updo



If you’re a fan of big hair, go big and bold with a beehive or a bouffant hairstyle.

Vintage wedding beehive
Vintage Wedding beehive hairstyle
vintage updo with white little flower
Vintage wedding formal updo


Vintage hair doesn’t have to be an updo exclusively. When worn down and long, your hair will have an instant vintage 60s feel. You can wear your hair like this just as it is, or add some chic hair accessories: a flowery headband for instance. If you have enough length, let your hair flowing down freely on your back and shoulders, sleek and straight; alternatively you can add some slight waves or curls.

vintage wedding hairstyles
Simple vintage wedding hairstyle
vintage hairstyle for wedding
Vintage hairstyle with side leaf clip

If roaring 20s are more up your alley, a sleek bob paired with some hair accessories will instantly transform you into a flapper girl.The techniques you will have to master for an accurate vintage era hairstyle reproduction are pin curls, finger waves, and backcombing.

vintage wedding hairstyles with hair accessories
Vintage wedding hairstyle with hair accessories
wedding cute updo
Vintage wedding cute updo


Don’t forget to accessorize accordingly. The right makeup can be essential in delivering just the right finishing touches.

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