Wedding Ring Tattoos Help Couples Tying a Strong Love Relationship!

wedding ring tattoo designs

There seems to be a growing interest in couples for having wedding ring tattoos on their middle fingers before the wedding day, to present their love for each other and to make a commitment in form of tattoo signature. The question is what good do these ring tattoos do in strengthening a relation between two hearts?  Tattoos of love have been around us for centuries, telling of one’s unraveled love for others, therefore it is being considered that having a permanent tattoo on ring may also have some meanings and affects on the real life. It’s because of the facts that tattoos have been a good expression of your love, feeling, and emotion that you have for your loved ones, spouse, children or others.

lovers ring tattoo designs
Couple ring tattoos
stylish wedding ring tattoos
Simple and stylish wedding ring tattoos


When one says their vows ‘till death do us apart’ it has a strong meaning that not even the toughest and nerve-breaking hardships of life can make us to break the relation and that we will be together for good in all ups and downs of the life. No matter what happens, we are united and ready to face even the most horrendous storms together, serving one another like a divine shelter.  Saying your vows in front of everyone means you are giving a promise to love your spouse and now there is another way to demonstrate your all love promises- wedding ring tattoos. These tattoos designs are permanent, often inked on ring as a proof of your loyalty towards your spouse.

simple tattoos for partners
Wedding ring simple tattoo
couple cute wedding ring in black and red heart
Cute Wedding ring tattoos for couple


Though the trend of wearing the wedding ring hasn’t gone out of trend yet, many who afford to buy gold still invest in gold or silver rings to keep the traditions alive.  To some, the high prices of gold and silver is putting off from buying a beautiful ring for the wedding, they rather opt for a permanent way of showing their love to unrelenting love to each other by having wedding rings tattoos done on the fingers.

couple wedding ring tattoo designs
couple wedding ring tattoos

Wedding ring tattoos VS Gold wedding rings:
Even the most pricy gold wedding ring can tarnish with the passage of time and can begin to lose its beauty as the years go by. It is also likely that the ring you are wearing gets lost deep down in your kitchen’s sink while you do dishwashing after lunch or dinner. Or it is also possible that someone just appears from nowhere to snatch your ring putting you at their gun’s point since robbers don’t care what a wedding ring means to you or anyone.

partner ring tattoos
couple ring tattoos

Wedding ring tattoos are an inexpensive way of expressing your solidity, love, commitment, promise and care for the loved ones while a gold wedding ring may require regular repair and maintenance even if you invest a million dollar into its making and design.

key and heart wedding ring tattoo designs
heart lock and key wedding ring tattoos

Who is allowed to wear wedding ring tattoo?

Let me tell you a fact that every rational person of the society has begun to believe that wedding ring tattoos are the most sensible way of showing your love and keeping your martial relation alive for years because the designs are permanent. Though you can feel a bit of pain during the inking process but it will go away in few days provided that you take proper care of tattoo wound.

personalized wedding ring tattoos
naming wedding ring tattoo

Everyone is allowed to wear and don wedding ring tattoo such as doctors, layers, hippies, punk followers, african-Americans, Asians, Russians, and Americans and everyone who believes that wedding ring tattoos do have some affects and meanings in real.

music wedding ring tattoos
Musical wedding ring tattoo
wedding ring tattoos for couples
Interlocking wedding ring tattoos
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