What is Name of Short in back Long in front haircut ?

stylish stacked bob haircut

A quick web exploration let you discover a wide variety of hairstyle ideas. You come across a lot of style ideas but one thing that usually confuses you in the exact name of a particular hairstyle. We all know the basic names but when style changes then definitely it name changes as well. Girls who want to follow the style must want to know what they should ask for in a beauty salon. The most confusing style is short in back long in front haircut. This particular hairstyle often causes confusion since different names are attach with same style. So, today I’m here to end this confusion just to make sure that you should know about exact name of haircut you are looking for.

Simply sleek Graduated bob haircut

This is a very famous style and often celebrities appear with it. It simply adds grace into your overall persona and make you super glamorous. Girls with medium and long face shape opt for it.This specific haircut comes with graduation of haircut not only in front but also in the back and sides. The hair length gradually decreases from front to back. You can see this decrease from the side look. The back hair length also have sort of graduation. Check the picture for getting clear idea of this style. Now whenever you need this cut just say graduated bob and your hairstylist would do his job.Whenever you are going to wear it, you should make your hair smooth with flat iron. But before you put your hair under iron, don’t forget to apply a bit of styling product only to add perfect glam to style.

graduated bob side view back and side view of bob

Professional-Looking Stacked bob haircut

This style looks similar to graduated bob but actually it is completely different. Your hairstylist creates piles of hair. The front hair length is long and back hair length is kept short. Some stylist tapered back hair section to one or half inches length. Girls who want to get volume and body in their short hairstyle should consider it. The front hair length is longer than back one. When you look this style from the back it seems like hair are falling on shaved head area. In order to make this style super attractive,  hairstylist suggest you to have some highlights. The area above nape usually have natural hair color while curtained strands have highlights. So, if you need a volume boost kind of bob hairstyle then you should just say “Stacked bob” in front of your hairstylist.

back side and front view of stacked bob stylish stacked bob haircut

Smartly Asymmetrical bob haircut

It is one of the boldest short in back and long in front haircut. Girls who need a promising change into personality consider it a lot. Your main task is to have a bob with asymmetrical shape. The most common style is one where hair length is longer at one side and another side has simply straight short hair. Even back hair is also kept short. Girls with cut usually grown their hair and then get this stunning haircut. Another short back and long front style is one where length of hair is longer but without any kind of symmetry. It looks like a rough or razor cut.

asymmetrical hairstyle ideas

angled bob hairstyle

I’m sure this time you would have an exact name of a haircut that you are seeking for. You don’t need to speak a long phrase. It’s always good to know the exact name of hairstyle especially when you visit a salon otherwise people would consider you fashion backward and this is what you don’t like to hear about yourself. Am I right? However, you don’t need to think about others a lot. Just know the names only for general knowledge.



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